Things To Consider Before You Undergo Laser Hair Removal Seneca Falls NY

Laser Hair Removal Seneca

 Most of us feel uncomfortable and unattractive with the mere sight of overgrown body hair. Constant shaving and cream removal may become tedious. In-between pressing schedules and priorities, self-hair removal rituals are put on the backpedal and eventually remain there.

Laser hair removal is an appealing alternative and a solution to excessive body hair. It’s important to be aware of these processes before any commitment. 

Here are a few things to consider before you undergo laser hair removal. 

  1. Patience Is A Virtue

Initially, when you hear of laser treatment, you think it will be a one-time event that tackles your unruly body hair. On the contrary, real results begin to show after a 2 to 3-week window period. Hair follicles grow at different times and the laser process requires each hair follicle to get plucked. 

You can request a free consultation at aesyracuse where the process is discussed deeply before you decide to enjoy the services. 

2. Remove Hair Before Going in For Treatment 

Your body may react to the laser treatment when it comes in contact with your skin hair. You may feel a burning sensation accompanied by a burning hair smell, that’s expected to linger on you for a few days. Removing hair before undergoing laser treatment avoids such reactions and results in enjoyable treatment.  

3. Avoid Certain Activities After A Treatment Session

After undergoing a laser treatment session, there are certain activities that you must avoid. The heat from the laser stays on the skin for 24 hours. Exposing your skin to activities such as gym, hot showers and sauna baking creates a surface for bacteria to breed. It’s advisable to schedule laser treatments on days that you aren’t pressed for daily activities and when you can relax. 

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4. Avoid Sun Exposure

Dermatologists will encourage you to schedule sessions when the temperatures are cool during the day. Dermatologists will also pencil you in when you aren’t due for a hot summer day at the beach, or when you are getting ready to enjoy a summer destination. The reasons for this are the same as the reason why you need to avoid taking hot showers. The heat from the laser removal session combined with the sun’s heat, is a perfect recipe for bacteria and discomfort. 

5. Switching of Beauty Products

Your dermatologist knows the types of skin products that may and may not be suitable for your skin after laser treatments. You may react differently to the products that you were using before the laser treatment. In that case, you’ll have to experiment with other products under the guidance of your dermatologist. 

6. Works on All Skin Types 

There seems to be a general concern as to whether the laser treatment works on certain types of skin and not on other types. Laser treatment is different from natural skincare products where people respond differently to products, and where certain skin products work while others do not. Laser treatment works on all types of skin without exception. 

7. Do Not Pluck Hair

Noticing a stray hair having undergone laser hair removal is annoying. The temptation is to just pluck it out. Doing that, however, disrupts the laser process. You may find that hairs will begin to sprout at rapid rates the more you pluck it out. Resist the temptation to pluck while you wait for your next laser session. 

8. Need to go for Top-Ups 

Laser hair removal is not a once-off event. Top-ups are required for the best results. Stray hairs and stubborn hair follicles can only be eliminated if you remain committed to the process by going for regular top-ups. Laser hair removal may initially trigger the rapid hair growth. When you begin you may notice that the hair would have started to grow faster, thicker and darker. Top-ups are the solution to this consequence of laser hair removal. 

9. Hair Removal Is Quick 

There is no need to dedicate a whole day for laser hair removal. The process takes minutes, nothing more than half an hour. You can squeeze in a session during your busy days if you are pressed for time. You can also treat your hair removal session days as a sort of therapy and schedule these on your most relaxed days and times. 


For you to enjoy the laser hair removal process, you will have to read up on what is expected of you. This information together with free laser hair removal consultations, help you to prepare and maintain routines for the best laser hair removal results. 

Remember that laser hair removal is a process and yields result over time. Overall, the process is quick, pain-free and effective on any type of skin. Be sure to engage in a consultation to get you ready for the journey.



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