Would You Rather Questions: The Craziest Things You Can Ask


“Would You Rather” is an extraordinary game to be played that can uncover a lot about your partners and friends. Here is the compiled list would you rather questions for fun.

Would you rather questions

So getting bored, and have nothing to do, since you are having nothing to do therefore it would be best to have some conversation but with a twist! Allow us to give you the craziest would you rather questions you can ask your friends to get you out of the boredom instantly!

Dirty Would You Rather Questions:

Sexy Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Searching for dirty would you rather questions to ask your mate or lover to zest up your and your partner’s sex life? One reason that you should play this sort of would you rather questions game into your discussion is since it keeps things stimulating and it allows you to discover new possibilities of your relationship. It’s time to enjoy an indecent and dirty game of “Would You Rather” with these revealing questions.

  1. Would you rather spend a night with a co-worker or with a random person on a road?
  2. Would you rather read Kamasutra in a group or watch porn on loudspeakers?
  3. Would you rather have someone with a dick like a thigh bone or engage in gang bang?
  4. Would you rather fanaticize with your grandparents or have it with a garbage picker?
  5. Would you rather engage in anal sex or give a nice blow job?
  6. Would you rather have chocolate dessert that has the flavor of shit or shit that has the flavor of chocolate?
  7. Would you rather drink a glass of your girlfriend’s menses blood or drink a glass of her guy friend’s sperms?
  8. Would you rather make love amidst the public or make love in private with five different men?
  9. Would you rather engage a dildo or a vibrator?
  10. Would you rather watch porn with your parents or have sex with an animal?
  11. Would you rather be wedged pooping or masturbating?
  12. Would you rather smooch your dog or have anal sex with a snake?
  13. Would you rather fuck your class teacher or seduce the ninety year old man of your neighbor?
  14. Would you rather drink your mucus or bathe in urine?

Interesting Would You Rather Questions:

Interesting Would You Rather

Interesting Would You Rather Questions provides you with hours of fun, we have precisely chosen this rundown of Interesting Would You Rather Questions and we wish you will find it interesting.

  1. Would you rather opt for the love of your life or a billion dollars?
  2. Would you rather like to lose memory about you, or memories about everyone else?
  3. Would you rather quite internet forever, or watching television?
  4. Would you rather be marooned underground with someone whom you fanaticize about or someone you would rather kill?
  5. Would you rather demolish hunger or violence?
  6. Would you rather be maligned or be completely underground?
  7. Would you rather spend your life without your eyes or without your tongue?
  8. Would you rather not prefer money with misery or poverty with happiness?
  9. Would you rather party on a cruise with your soulmate or with your friends?
  10. Would you rather never play or always keep losing the game?
  11. Would you rather get wedged snooping on your boyfriend or singling in a public toilet?
  12. Would you rather spend a night in a dark room or in a well-furnished room with spirits?
  13. Would you rather run 10 miles without halting, or jump from a bridge into underlying river?

Best Would You Rather Questions:

Best Would You Rather Questions

The best would you rather questions to reveal about one another. The questions are best picked from the archive. We assure you to make you wince and make you laugh.

  1. Would you rather be a noble prize winner or a not so famous source of inspiration for many?
  2. Would you rather grow dense hair all over your body or get them waxed completely?
  3. Would you rather become a mind reader, or possess the quality of invisibility for your lifetime?
  4. Would you rather be self-obsessed or become a hermit?
  5. Would you rather be eaten by a dinosaur or swallowed by a snake?
  6. Would you rather jump in a deep pool without learning swimming or jump from a cliff without a parachute?
  7. Would you rather spend your vacations in Sahara desert or in Antarctica?
  8. Would you rather be a spouse of one or Girlfriend/ boyfriend on many at a time?
  9. Would you rather become a mad scientist or a successful porn star?
  10. Would you rather give up your IPhone or your DSLR?
  11. Would you rather go for a wedding casually dresses up or attend a funeral by being the best dressed?
  12. Would you rather help a needy old man or get a thief trapped at the same time?
  13. Would you rather win by unfair means, or lose the game admitting your inferiority in skills?
  14. Would you rather drive without a license, or board a cab in a hit summery day?

Would You Rather Questions For Kids:

Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Would you rather questions for kids will help you to initiate discussion and find out about your children. Our would you rather questions for kids are perfect for children ages 3-10.

  1. Would you rather do your homework or finish a whole bottle of plain milk?
  2. Would you rather play outside in the sun or sleep inside alone?
  3. Would you rather help your mother in her work or get a nice scolding from your father?
  4. Would you rather be a mouse or a duck?
  5. Would you rather make a mouse your pet or a chimpanzee?
  6. Would you rather learn dancing or singing?
  7. Would you rather be a sportsperson or a dancer?
  8. Would you rather imitate a leopard or a bear?
  9. Would you rather read a poem or learn something new?
  10. Would you rather be healthy yet dull or feeble yet notorious?
  11. Would you rather be an innocent chap helping everyone or a devil troubling everyone?
  12. Would you rather maintain yourself neatly or get yourself bald?
  13. Would you rather participate in a competition or give additional tests?
  14. Would you rather wake up early or eat raw spinach in breakfast?

Funny Would You Rather Questions:

Funny Would You Rather Questions

Answering funny would you rather questions can be very entertaining, Our Scoopify team set up together this short list of funny would you rather questions so that, in a couple of minutes, you could get a thought of what makes you tick.

  1. Would you rather change your genitals or roam in the opposite sex’s clothes?
  2. Would you rather choose your death date or die as per your wish?
  3. Would you rather fart on a loudspeaker or burp in front of your boss?
  4. Would you rather become fat as an elephant or skinny as monkey’s fingers?
  5. Would you rather have food in a public toilet or drink your vomit?
  6. Would you rather be friends with you ex or kiss a monkey’s ass?
  7. Would you rather suffer from hernia on your big day? Or diarrhea on first night?
  8. Would you rather smell poop or drink gutter’s water?
  9. Would you rather cling to an unknown person or lick a table in a restaurant?
  10. Would you rather sneeze throughout your life or fart the moment you sit down?
  11. Would you rather kiss an orangutan, or milk a swine?
  12. Would you rather jump from a building or go underwater without an oxygen tank?
  13. Would you rather throw water on a random person or explode a bomb in the neighbor’s house?
  14. Would you rather strip amidst the public or poop in a public drainage?

Hardest Would You Rather Questions:Hardest Would You Rather Questions:

We recently compiled a list of the most difficult would you rather questions. We come up with the list below- hardest would you rather questions we’ve ever heard.

  1. Live in sunlight forever with a temperature of -10° f, or live in darkness forever with a temperature of 70° f?
  2. Have arms as long as your fingers, or fingers as long as your arms?
  3. Would you rather have pubic hair for teeth or teeth for pubic hair?
  4. Be rich and ugly or poor and good looking?
  5. Find everything you’ve ever lost, or remember everything you’ve ever forgotten?
  6. Give up internet access for the rest of your life, or give up sex for the rest of your life?
  7. Would you rather give up cheese or give up oral sex?
  8. Would you rather lick butter from a homeless person’s toes or have sex with a wild gorilla.
  9. Would you rather pee glass shards or cry glass shards?
  10. Would you rather change sex every time you sneeze or not be able to tell the difference between a baby and a muffin?

The above questions were the best questions you can ask your friends, try it challenge your friends and see how merely questioning can kick the boredom out of you!


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