World of Warcraft: what beginners need to know

If you have not heard anything about Blizzard’s most important MMORPG, then at first glance it may seem quite complicated. In this article, we will tell you where you can start your acquaintance with World of Warcraft.

Where to begin?

You should determine how many hours you are prepared to spend playing World of Warcraft before looking for ways to increase your gaming abilities. You get better at playing World of Warcraft as you play more.

Class and role. You must thoroughly like playing your character if you don’t, you’ll lose interest in World of Warcraft rather quickly. Consider personal tastes in addition to the class’s strength and relevance in the current expansion while making your selection. No matter your class, specialization, or position, you can perform well and find a group to conquer raids or challenging dungeons (referred to as “keys”). The only difference is the amount of time and effort required.

To level up your character faster, you can use the mythic boost wow. This means that you can reach out to people, who know the game well, give them your account, and they will upgrade your character to a certain level.

Creating a Hero

When you first enter the game, you will need to create a character for yourself. This will be your World of Warcraft avatar. First, you must choose a race, which determines what your character looks like, and then a class, which determines what your character can do. You can choose any appearance and do not limit your imagination.

Glossary of game terms

If you are a beginner, we strongly recommend that you first study the glossary of game terms. Before you go into raids or Mythic Keystones with other players, you need to understand them.

I’m sorry, what is sap? What is dispel and aggro, who are these horns and hunts? Most often, such a misunderstanding ends with a kick from the group.

Character Development

A character in WoW develops in several ways. The first and most obvious is the levels. Completing quests and killing monsters gives experience, “exp”, which are converted into levels. As the levels increase, the characteristics of the character increase. Every fifteen levels, the character gets the opportunity to choose one of the three talents.

Mounts, or as they are also called here, mounts – in addition to purely external characteristics, the rarity of the mount is of great importance. The harder it is to get, the more valuable the mount.

Weapon Talents

Each weapon in the New World has its own talent tree. Each weapon is pumped separately. To get new talent points, you need to fight with weapons in your hands.

Each talent tree consists of two branches, corresponding to different ways of using weapons. For example, an ax (Hatchet) can be thrown at a target or used in close combat. By investing talent points in one of the branches, the character receives three active abilities, as well as passive amplification effects. To access a new level of talents, you must invest at least one point in the talents of the previous level. The last level of talents is unlocked after 10 points, so the character cannot get all the strongest talents from both branches.

Auction house

First of all, this is a wonderful place where you can find something that you could not knock out in the ordinary world. Also here you can earn excellent money. Don’t know what to sell? Pay attention to the color of the thing. Things, as we all know, are of 5 types:

Gray: Very poor quality. Things of this color do not have any value and bonuses.

White: Slightly better quality than gray items, but again, it does not have any bonuses and is sold by merchants. But do not neglect white things, because they are often used in professions, for example: grass, meat, leather and so on.

Green: Better quality than usual. Things of this color can be boiled at the auctions or obtained as loot. If you put such a thing on your character, then it will become personal and no one, except for your character, can wear it anymore. Moreover, such things cannot be transferred by exchange.

Blue: Rare quality. Items of this type can be sold at the auction if you have not worn them yet.

Purple: Epic quality. Things of this type are very, very difficult to get. If you find such a thing, and above it there is no signature “Personal item”, then you can safely sell such a thing on the auctions and get a certain amount for it.

If you are interested in making money on the auction in your own business, then you will need addons, such as Auctioneer and Aucionar.


The most noticeable thing in WoW, which no player passes by, are raids.

WoW is a game that is actually built on raids and everything connected with them, and it does not force anyone to participate in them. WoW is a social game in which people unite in large groups of players to perform some special adventures: battles with very powerful opponents (raids) or battles with other players (if PvP takes place in an open world; also, PvP can take place on normal or 10v10 rated battlegrounds, 40v40 epic battlegrounds.)

Of course, no one is forcing you to join these huge raids. Each player can do what he likes. Experienced raiders, by the way, refer to any non-raiding activity as “squirrel kissing” after several similarly named achievements, such as this one: comes to the raid.

World of Warcraft is not only the most successful MMORPG, but also one of the longest running. It can be difficult for newcomers to understand the variety of story additions that have been released regularly from 2004 to the present day. We hope this article will help you in your endeavors.

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