Why You Should Get a Pomsky

A Pomsky is a new mixed dog breed. It is a combination of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky and hence is a medium-built dog with a lovely coat and a happy disposition. Almost everyone loves a Pomsky, and it’s possibly because of these reasons:

The Pomsky Is Just The Right Size Dog

Crossing a small Pomeranian and a large Siberian Husky has created this medium-sized, compact, and cute dog. The Pomsky is just the right size for a family dog; you can easily take it anywhere because of its small size. It is the right size for apartment living too, and thus the perfect breed for singles, families, and seniors living in retirement homes. 

Pomskys Are Lively And Good Natured And Intelligent 

This dog breed has a lively and friendly nature. It loves being with people and sometimes a people-pleaser as it will quickly bond with anyone. It is also lively; just being in a room with a cute Pomsky will instantly light up your mood. 

This mixed breed is one of the most intelligent. It can easily follow tricks and won’t take time to train indoors or out. The Pomsky can also become a companion dog or a service dog because of its dedicated and kind nature. 

Pomskys Have Lovely Coats And Colors

Although you need to take good care of a Pomsky’s coat by giving it a thorough brush at least twice a week, the magnificent coat of this mixed breed is a sight to behold. Just like its parent Siberian Husky, the Pomsky is available in a variety of colors like white, black, and grey or a combination of two or all these colors. 

Pomskys Are Not Noisy Pets

The good quality of a Pomsky is that it’s not as noisy as other dog breeds. When not in play mode, it prefers to sit and relax. It will be with you, near you, and want to do what you do. It’s parent Siberian Husky is a laid-back breed, and thus, a Pomsky may want to lie down low. 

But don’t worry, Pomskys have also inherited its sharp instincts from its parent Pomeranian breed. It can sense danger quickly and will be ready to defend you from any threat. It’s quiet during downtime but will bark in a high-pitched tone when it senses danger to alert you fast. 

Pomskys Will Help You Stay Active

Pomskys are always ready to go. They are eager to go out and will love to walk, run, jog, and play with you. If you have other dogs, then it’s not afraid to get rowdy. It will play indoors or out as long as it’s in the mood. You can take advantage of its energetic nature by taking it with you as you exercise. It needs to stay active as you need to keep active too.

Pomskys Are Obedient And Easy To Train

Even an inexperienced pet owner will be able to train a Pomsky like a pro. It is very obedient and can be very easy to train using treats, a clicker, and other training methods. You can teach it basic stuff like fetch, sit, heel, or play dead or give it advanced training to become a loyal, trustworthy service dog.

Pomskys Are Loyal

Pomskys are very loyal to their masters and will remain by their side for anything. This is the reason why people count on their pets to be service dogs. Both the Pomsky’s parents are very loyal breeds and will care not just for their master but also for his family and property.

Pomskys Can Live Well With Other Pets

You can have a Pomsky and still have other dog breeds. But if you don’t train it well, it can boss around other dogs and pets. This is because it has the Pomeranian’s feisty attitude, which usually comes out if it feels that it is the alpha over other dogs and pets. 

Pomskys Are Very Cute

No doubt that a Pomsky is one of the cutest pets around. Some pet owners adore their Pomskys too much that they dress their dogs up. They even buy expensive clothing, apparel, costumes, shoes, and hats for their dogs! And although Pomskys love the attention, it prefers to play and move around without them. 

Some pet owners create social media accounts for their pet Pomsky, and this is where they post photos, videos, and other updates about their pets. Just some of the most popular Pomskys online are Norman, an adorable brown, black, white, and grey Pomsky with loveable deep brown eyes and Mya, a fox-like Pomsky with mysterious light blue eyes. Both dogs have dotting owners and have tens of thousands of followers on Instagram alone.

Pomskys Are Available Almost Everywhere

And finally, the best thing about Pomskies is that this breed is so popular that it’s now easier to find one online. You can visit the site pomskyforsale. Almost everyone dreams of owning this lovable mixed breed, and thus, it has become one of the easiest to buy online or from a local pet store. This breed can be quite expensive, but almost all owners say that having one is worth every penny.

But why buy when there are hundreds of dogs and puppies waiting for new homes and owners in shelters? You may even find a Pomsky from a rescue shelter or pound too. Just visit your local animal shelter or pound to start your search. 

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