Why Vapes Are Becoming Popular?


Cigarettes: The appearance and structure are basically the same, both traditional cigarettes and a cigarette butt. The only difference is that the size, thickness, and color are somewhat different on different brands of cigarettes.

Vapes: There are many types of vapes, such as high-power vapes, mechanical vapes, etc. There are also many brands of vapes, such as Vandy Vape,Uwell,Ofrf etc.

Let me introduce a special type from vapeciga called Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA

It is compact and exquisite. Its top refilling design, which simplify the refilling and avoiding leaking while vaping.Different shapes and sizes, different brands of vapes have different performance and appearance, but there is always a unique one that you want.



Cigarettes: Burning tobacco at a high temperature of 800 to 1000 degrees Celsius to produce smoke and release tar, nicotine and other substances.

Vapes: The main unit supplies power to the atomizer heating wire. The fumes in the evaporating atomizing core generate smoke, release nicotine and food flavors (you can also choose nicotine-free smoke oil).



Cigarette: You can smoke by igniting tobacco

Vapes: Add the smoke oil to the electronic cigarette atomizer, and then wait a few minutes for the smoke oil to completely penetrate into the atomization core. Open the electronic cigarette main unit and press the ignition key on the electronic cigarette main unit to suck.


Tobacco Cigarettes: Cigarettes produce more than 4,000 toxic substances that are harmful to humans, such as tar, nicotine, phenols, alcohols, acids, and aldehydes.

Vapes: The main components of Vapes oil are: PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerol, also called glycerol), other edible flavors, nicotine (optional addition), water, five substances, in addition to nicotine Others are basically harmless to the human body.


Cigarettes: Cigarettes produce solid particulate fumes by burning, and the smoke contains carbon monoxide, nearly 4,000 kinds of chemicals such as nicotine, most of which are harmful to humans. The concentration of different brands of cigarette nicotine is also different, the color of smoke is somewhat different, and large particles of smoke can cause irreversible damage to the lungs.

Vapes: The smoke of Vapes is actually water vapor. The color of the smoke is milky white and the composition of the water in the smoke is sufficient. This can be clearly felt from the smoke from the nose. Moreover, the smoke particle size of the electronic cigarette is extremely small.


Cigarettes: The taste of cigarettes is relatively simple, basically tobacco flavor, and some of the cigarettes have mint in them.

Vapes : They are rich in flavors and can be divided into three categories: fruit flavor, tobacco flavor, and sweet taste.


Cigarettes: The unit price of cigarettes is different. There are a few packs of low-end cigarettes, 10 to 30 yuan of low-end cigarettes, and a hundred high-end cigarettes, and hundreds of thousands of expensive cigarettes. The price is different, and everyone’s cigarette addiction is different, and the cost of use is relatively large.

Vapes: The cost of Vapess requires a few hundred yuan in addition to the initial purchase of equipment. Most of the latter is the cost of smoke oil, but the average cost should not be higher than the cost of cigarettes.


Cigarettes: “Smoking is harmful to health” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The state has promulgated the most stringent tobacco control regulations in history.

Vapes: Although most people are still in the wait-and-see stage, as early as a few years ago, the British Public Health Agency issued a statement that Vapess are 95% safer than ordinary tobacco, and the British Prime Minister has publicly supported Vapess and stated that they exceed each year. One million smokers use Vapess to help quit or completely replace cigarettes.

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