Why the organic formula good for babies?

If you are interested in this topic, you are most likely preparing to become a parent and looking for all the necessary information about child care, or have already met with your baby and choose a baby formula for feeding. In both cases, you need to understand all the features of organic baby formula and why it is gaining so much popularity now. It is true that with the word “organic” everyone on a subconscious level feels safe, this applies not only to food but also to skin care products, diapers, toys and so on. Why is this word so interesting and are organic products really safe for a child? Let’s clear up this question.

What “organic” means?

Many people use this word without even realizing what it really means. First of all, it is a method of making food or any other product in a complete natural way, without adding chemicals, artificial substances, pesticides and fertilizers. Many manufacturers of conventional products, in an effort to grow quickly or achieve a perfect appearance, use various chemical additives, which in turn can adversely affect human health. This is the advantage of organic products that refuse to use such ingredients that can harm. 

The manufacturing process is longer, more thorough and troublesome, which is why the price of such products is higher, but the issue of health should not depend on the price. Since foods that contain antibiotics, pesticides and other harmful substances can cause significant harm to adults, the baby should generally avoid such foods. The child’s body is too sensitive and delicate to cope with such elements. That is why so many manufacturers of baby formulas offer their organic product and it has its demand among young families. 

As the producers of the organic formula make every effort to create favorable conditions for raising livestock and producing milk, parents can rest assured about the quality of the food their baby consumes. Such production is controlled by strict standards and norms, which emphasize the minimization of the use of synthetic elements and monitoring the quality of soil and water consumed by cattle. And while conventional formulas partially enforce these rules, organic ones are completely free from the use of harmful substances. Moreover, European baby formula has a good reputation, as its regulations are famous for their strictness and compliance, so parents can be sure of its high quality.

Why the organic formula is beneficial for babies?

In composition, texture and smell of organic baby formulas are very similar to the conventional and to distinguish them by appearance is impossible. So why do so many parents choose organic over regular ones? Undoubtedly, they have a significant advantage, as they minimize health risks by using only pure, natural and healthy products that only have a positive effect on the health and development of the baby. In addition, they are rich in a large number of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help all body systems function properly, support the immune system and ensure the well-being of the child. Due to their safe and natural composition, organic formulas are as close as possible to breast milk, which is definitely the best option for feeding a child. 

Many parents have long appreciated the benefits of organic baby formulas according to the well-being of their little ones. As it turns out, the market now has a huge selection of these organic formulas, which differ in composition, country of manufacture and pricing policy. To choose the best one, do not forget to consult a doctor and choose the formula according to the characteristics of your baby’s body. 

The most popular are organic brands such as Hipp, Holle, Loulouka and Kendamil formula. In their variety, parents can easily find the formula that will be suitable for such health issues of babies as predisposition to allergies, reflux, lactose intolerance and so on. Definitely there are many other worthy organic baby formulas you can choose from. Baby formulas of such time- and people-tested brands will be a good helper for both parents and children. They will not only provide your baby with all the necessary nutrients but will saturate him or her. So choose carefully, take into account the recommendations and your child will feel great and develop in time.


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