Why it’s beneficial to get SIM Only Deal


If you are the person who don’t like the phone contracts and wants to stay on the existing mobile then you should go for the SIM deals. Actually, in mobile contracts, you need to buy the contract for a minimum of 1 year, and whenever you are going for a new contract then you will get the new mobile phone. According to us, the short term contracts can be better the one reason is they are cheap and flexible. So if you don’t want to change your mobile then you can go for the SIM only deals, in this, you just need to purchase the package for the SIM card not for the new Smartphone. Here we will tell how SIM deals are more beneficial for you.

1 SUM only Deals are More Flexible

If you don’t have much money for committing the contract of 12 months or 24 months, or you don’t want to go for the long term contracts then you choose the SIM-only deal. Many companies in the UK are providing the SIM services you can buy the package of 1 month and so on, its all depend on your need. The one more important thing you can change the tariff anytime and it is for short term so if you don’t like the package then you can switch for the other package.

2. SIM Only Deals are More Cheaper

Well, yes the SIM deals are cheaper than the mobile contract because in this you are just paying for the SIM card and tariff. There will be no charges or costs of the mobile in the bill. In easy words, the amount you will pay for the minutes and mobile data on the SIM card will be less as compared when you will pay for minutes and data in the mobile contract.

3. SIM Only Deals are More Convenient

No doubt Pay As You Go Plans are more affordable and flexible, but whenever you need to use your mobile phone you need to top up first which seems somehow inconvenient. On the other hand, if you are using the SIM only deal then you don’t need to do any top-up, the minutes and mobile data always ready to use. The one more thing you can save more money in the SIM deals than PAYG.

4. SIM Only Deal Can Retain Your Existing Mobile Number

As we have mentioned in SIM only deal you are just paying for the SIM card not for the mobile so the mobile will remain the same. On every SIM deal, you will get the new number. If you want to retain your existing mobile number then when your new SIM card arrives, call the network operator, then tell them that you want to replace your existing number with the new one and also them your (PAC) Port Authorisation Code. After this procedure, they will replace your existing number with the new number in a short time.



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