Why is post production crucial in film editing?

post production

Just as film production can be immensely time consuming and drain you of your energy levels, post production is even more vital. It demands a lot of your time, wisdom, expertise, and creativity. In this article, let us find out the importance of post-production in film making and the many finer aspects related to the same. So, read on for more information on the same.

The final phase of film making

You must have often heard, if not in reality, at least in movies that the director shouts “cut,” “stop rolling,” and he makes a call to his team members to pack up. Now that the movie is “crudely” made or is in its “raw phase, it requires fine-tuning. Let us find out more about the same. 

What happens in post-production?

It is the phase in which audio and visual clips are edited and assembled. Usually, the director makes movies shot by shot. The time taken for this often depends on the nature of the film.  

The main aim of post-production is assembling footage one at a time, adding music, visuals, and sound. These are the elements that are compiled together and results in what is known as a movie. 

Generally speaking, the process involves the following steps-

  • Edit 

It is the “suite” that gives the command as to how to go about the process.
An important aspect that you must keep in mind is that you must ensure that the production is carried out in a studio that is reliable and has the required license to vary out these services. You can try out the top studios that are near you such as the Cyclorama production or any other well-known studio in the vicinity.

  • Editing sound

Sound editing is equally important. You will not get the “feel” of the movie, or the message of the movie may not be appropriately conveyed unless the sound complements the scenes or the theme of the film.

In this phase, the sound editor will compile all the pieces of sound clips and assign them to each shot that has been clicked or filmed. 

An important aspect that you must keep in mind is that the postproduction phase has to work in tandem with each other and sync according to the film’s theme. 

  • Visual effects

These days special effects play an instrumental role in making a movie complete. Artists and special effect engineers generate computer-aided visuals and effects for any scene.

  • Music 

This is an integral part of post-production. It is the elements that “create” the mood for audiences and conveys or narrates the tone to the audience.

  • Color editing

In this phase, you will find that digital adjustments of the shots and the colors that complement the scenes best are incorporated in this phase. Aside from the above, panning out a trailer or adding graphics also takes place in this phase. 

The individuals managing the various film making processes have their expertise and skills that make the entire project complete and commendable. 



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