Why is hearing impaired? TOP 3 common reasons

Are you often tired during the working day? Do you miss words and sometimes whole phrases? Do some sounds cause you discomfort? Is it hard for you to communicate in a noisy environment? Unfortunately, these are the first symptoms of hearing problems! Many of us do not notice the hearing organs while they are in order. But in fact hearing loss is a serious problem that causes big discomfort!

A few facts about hearing loss

Few people think about hearing health, while hearing loss threatens our health. According to WHO, almost half of the billion people on the planet suffer from hearing loss. The problem is relevant not only for elderly as many people think. Hearing problems are quickly getting younger. About 40 million children suffer from hearing loss!

What do these numbers tell us? We often meet people with hearing loss, but do not notice them. As you may know, modern hearing aids have become less noticeable and more convenient. Hearing Care Professionals warns that today almost all people are at risk!

Some of us do not want to wear medical devices all the time to hear well. In such a case, it is better to take care of hearing health and understand the causes of hearing loss. Time is a key factor for an effective treatment when you deal with hearing loss!

The most common reason for hearing loss

Hearing loss is a dangerous problem that is quickly spreading in the world. What are the reasons? Various reasons cause it. Each person is at risk. Let us take closer look at most common causes of hearing loss today.

Infections linked to hearing loss

Infections affecting the different parts of the ear are common causes of temporary or constant hearing loss. According to WHO, this is the main reason for hearing loss in people under 15 years of age. However, ypu can easily prevent it. Inflammation of the middle ear caused by microbes provokes acute or chronic otitis media. It often leads to a decrease in hearing acuity. Moreover, some other diseases can also lead to hearing loss because of complications developing against its background. The following diseases are dangerous:

  • Flu
  • Measles
  • Rubella
  • Meningitis

Even a harmless cold at first glance can lead to various complications if you do not treat it or stop medication ahead of time. Try to always follow the recommendations of the attending physician! Do not self-medicate. It won’t benefit you!

Long-term noise exposure

Previously, people suggested that only a few professions are subject to the negative impact of noise, which causes hearing loss. Factory workers, drivers, builders, miners, and musicians fall into the risk group. However, a noisy environment is not only a problem for some population categories. The inhabitants of big cities are also suffering from a noisy environment!

Here are some interesting facts. More than 1 billion young people aged 12 to 35 years are at risk of hearing loss as a result of noise. People living near busy tracks who often use the metro or electric trains can also experience hearing problems already in youth!

But that’s not all. Frequent use of headphones also plays a role. Often the sound in headphones exceeds 85 decibels. Such a volume level can harm the ear. Modern headphones are powerful electronic devices. Teenagers, like many adults, often set a volume close to maximum, dealing great harm to the hearing organs. In addition, popular in-ear headphones are also dangerous. They can provoke the development of ear infections.

As you can see, the very environment in large cities creates conditions for a negative impact on hearing health. Few of the inhabitants of noisy megacities think about it.

Is it possible to protect yourself from long-term noise exposure? Yes, it is. Always use protective earplugs or headphones if your profession is associated with noise. Do not listen to loud music in the headphones. Do not use your headphones more than 2 hours a day. Do you live near the airport or a noisy highway? Think about moving to a more calm and quiet place!

Age-related changes

In old age, neurosensory hearing loss develops. In such a case hearing deterioration is associated with damage to the hair cells of the inner ear or the auditory nerve itself. On the one hand, such pathology is associated with natural aging processes. But on the other hand, hearing loss develops with different intensities. The prolonged noise effect accelerates this process because it destroys hair cells. The process depends on specific genes. Scientists have discovered a gene that regulates the death of the receptors of the auditory system (hair cells). Such a discovery can help to treat older people with hearing loss more effectively in the future. It can also help to prevent the problem at a younger age.

Hearing loss in older people is not always a consequence of degenerative processes in the body. Hearing loss can be a symptom of multiple sclerosis, stroke, and other dangerous conditions. In any case, the patient must receive a doctor’s consultation and undergo the necessary examinations.

What to do with hearing loss?

Have you noticed symptoms of hearing loss in yourself or a loved one? Do not panic ahead of time! Today, Hearing Care has effective hearing recovery methods. The main condition is to sign up for a consultation with ear doctor Staten Island! A hearing loss won’t pass on its own. Unfortunately, this problem only worsens the state of a person. Therefore, the situation requires proper and effective treatment.

The doctor will examine the patient and conduct speech audiometry. If he notices hearing deviations, he will prescribe additional hearing tests. The results will show the degree of hearing loss and help you choose the power of the hearing aid. Hearing aids are the best solution for hearing loss. 

These small electronic devices can easily return a person to a happy life, the life of sounds and voices of loved ones! Do not be afraid to use them. Modern hearing aids are stylish and convenient devices. Just do not forget to inform Hearing Care Professional about your hobbies, lifestyle, and other requirements. The doctor will take into account all your wishes and choose the most suitable medical devices for you!

Healthy hearing is the most important factor for a happy and active life. Its decline quickly changes life, causing various problems and difficulties. You do not want to live in a world without sounds, do you? Take care of your hearing health! Do not waste time in vain if you notice one of the above symptoms. Sign up for a consultation with the doctor as soon as possible!

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