Why betting on cricket is profitable

betting cricket

Cricket tournaments vary in their format and the system within the discipline is quite convoluted in. Currently, the key formats are:

  • First-tier cricket or Test cricket includes competitions for elite national teams. Only 10 national teams can participate in such tournaments. The duration of such matches is often stretched over 3-5 days, so the format is more suitable for “cricket geeks” – a lot of tactics and little spectacle.
  • One Day Tournaments (ODIs) are competitions that are limited in duration to the number of overs – for example, a game may only be 40 or 50 overs, so the match is completed within one day.
  • Competitions of the T20 rank are the most spectacular. They are limited in time, so events develop dynamically.


Types of bets

Cricket is a rather difficult sport. The presence of competitions of various formats and specific rules can confuse novice players who have little experience in sports betting. Therefore, first you need to familiarize yourself with the main types of cricket bets offered by betting companies.

  1. Bets on the result. The player needs to guess which team will be the winner of the match. According to the rules of sports discipline, the match cannot end in a draw. This is only possible in first level tournaments. Therefore, such a bet has only two outcomes – the victory of one or the other team. For a successful outcome of the bet, it is necessary to analyze the state of each club, the composition of the teams and the characteristics of the leading players.
  2. Total bets. Each cricket match is quite long, so bookmakers provide their customers with various numerous options for totals: for the total number of runs, total runs for a certain session, and more. Totals are also divided into general and individual. Players can bet on the team as a whole, or on the results of individual players.
  3. Additional rates. There are also some in-demand side bets. Betters often bet on win or loss with a handicap. In this sports discipline, the handicap varies by injury. In test matches, you can also bet on a zero handicap. This will be an excellent safety net in case the meeting ends in a draw.
  4. Special rates.  It is worth noting that non-standard situations often arise in cricket during the game, which is why bookmakers also accept special bets. For example, users can bet on the result of the draw or the first serve of a match. You can also bet on the victory in the first inning or on individual indicators of the players (the best pitcher, hitter, etc.).

Cricket betting strategies

For cappers, betting on cricket is profitable because the odds often do not reflect the actual distribution of forces. Huge audiences of fans in English-speaking countries choose their favorite teams to bet on, regardless of statistics, so over or underrated cricket odds are the norm. It remains for bettors to monitor statistics and conduct their own analysis of events.

Players can bet live, as the advantage   varies one way or the other during the course of the match, and bettors can make good money from this. Among popular strategies, cappers use forks – precisely because of the presence of overestimated coefficients.

Features of cricket betting

Players who still decide to bet on cricket need to take into account some nuances of the discipline:

  • During one-day matches, the outcome of the match depends more on the technique and skill of the players. But for long matches, which consist of 4-5 game days, the endurance of the teams is very important.
  • For a successful outcome of bets, you should always study the current statistics in order to analyze the current form of the team and individual players.
  • The result also largely depends on the stability of the team. Constant movement of players can negatively affect the result of the match. For example, if the Indian team comes to fight in South Africa, the players will need time to adapt to completely different climatic conditions.

Rules for successful bets

According to experienced players and professional experts, it is best to place bets in live mode. Thanks to this, it is possible to study and analyze in detail the style of play of both teams. Cricket is a fairly long game, one game day lasts about 5-6 hours. Therefore, you will have enough time to make several real-time bets.

This sports discipline is full of surprises and non-standard situations. The course of the game can change in a matter of minutes, and the advantage on the field will pass to the other team. Therefore, if you study the rules and nuances of the game in detail, you can make good money on successful bets. But keep in mind that in most cases the outcome of the match will be logical, and the stronger team with good statistics and a professional team will most likely win.


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