Which sticker material is right for your business needs?

Are you looking for custom stickers or labels for your business? Are you unsure which sticker material is right for your business needs?

We’re here to help you!

By the end of this short but helpful article, we aim to arm you with enough knowledge to ensure you get the best stickers or labels for your intended use. We hope this saves you time, money and avoids problems you may have encountered by only getting the correct stickers. Here is sintra signage for double-sided window sticker.

So far, we’ve mentioned stickers & labels. What is the difference?

In reality, nothing. Both labels & stickers are printed pieces of paper or plastic-backed with an adhesive. But, labels are usually finished on sheets or rolls, whereas stickers are individually cut. This picture helps to show the difference:

How do I know which to get; stickers or labels?

The choice is simple when you know email marketing service. Here are the reasons why you’d choose each:

  • Get stickers if you’re giving/selling them to your customers or looking for a small quantity.
  • Get labels on sheets if you’ve got hundreds or even a couple of thousand to apply by hand. Sheets are super easy to transport and store.
  • Get labels on rolls for machine application. Machines can either automatically or semi-automatically apply labels, so they always require labels on rolls.

Now we know if we need stickers or labels, let’s get on to the vital part – the sticker material.

What types of sticker material are available?

There are two categories of material used to make labels or stickers. They are paper or plastic. You will find the highlights of each below:


  • Low-cost
  • For short or indoor uses
  • Very simple to recycle
  • Nice, textured finishes are possible
  • Many papers are splashproof only, meaning they can only handle light condensation


  • Suitable for using outdoors
  • Very hard-wearing & durable, even in extreme applications
  • Tear-resistant
  • Waterproof and can resist certain chemicals
  • Some plastics are flexible and will stick to highly curved surfaces
  • ‘Bioplastics’ are available, made from wood pulp, that are compostable

Both plastic & paper stickers are available in many different colors. The image below shows some nice examples:

paper stickers are available in many different colors

By now, we hope you’re getting a good idea of if you need stickers or labels on sheets or rolls. But to be even clearer, here are some popular uses of custom stickers & labels. We’ve also explained which material each of them uses to help you decide.

  1. Clear plastic food packaging – a see-through plastic label will work perfectly. If you run a small takeaway food outlet, we recommend getting them on sheets, so they’re fast to apply.
  2. Glass drinks bottles – biodegradable papers are ideal. They’re splashproof so that they can withstand condensation.
  3. Premium candle stickers – most materials work because we mostly use candles indoors. If you’re a sustainable brand, a biodegradable paper will work. Alternatively, a premium plastic holographic sticker can be super effective.
  4. Compostable food wrappers – eco-friendly stickers made from a wood pulp ‘bioplastic’ can compost within only three months.
  5. Logo stickers for giveaways, or selling as merch – premium holographic plastic stickers or another similar effect will make your brand stand out.
  6. Name badges – paper stickers are ideal because they’re easy to write on.

And that’s it. We hope you now have enough knowledge to get the best stickers or labels from Sticker You perfect for your application. We hope this saves you time and money by only getting the correct stickers.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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