6 Ways On When To Take A Pregnancy Test For Early & Perfect Result

Do you think you are pregnant? Experiencing some of the pregnancy symptoms? Want to know when to take a pregnancy test and get the earliest yet perfect result? Then you are at the right place.

when to take a pregnancy test Starting days of the pregnancy can confuse any women. At a point some signs make you believe you are pregnant and at the very next moment, you may think you are not. So, today I have made a decision to clean-up some crap from your mind and write on when to take a pregnancy test for the super fast and the most accurate result.

When To Take A Pregnancy Test For An Early Result:

You Have Missed Your Period Date:

Missed periods can be the most steadfast signal of pregnancy, though it can even make a fool of you.

Women are very specific when it comes to memorizing the dates, whether it would be the date of your first kiss, when you got intimate with your partner or when you had your last periods. No sooner did she miss the date of her last periods, wheels in her mind starts churning and she starts looking up for the pregnancy strip.

when to take pregnancy test

However, a red spot not always mean a period, early weeks of pregnancy can even make one go through spots and light bleeding. Keep the track of the blood color, flow and texture. Your periods can even get delayed sometimes due to the factors like diet, stress or due to the intake of some medicines, though you can go ahead with the test once done with 30 days.

A Strip can even show that you are not pregnant as sometimes the pregnancy hormones did not get so active in 30 days. In such a case you should get yourself checked when you have elapsed 35 days without a period, this will show the most appropriate result. And if the strip shows you are loaded then it is the perfect time for you to take doctor’s advice.

This indication can become the most appropriate answer to the question when to take a pregnancy test.

Your Breast Is Hurting Like Never Before:

When you get pregnant your body goes on and produces higher than the normal measure of some hormones and these changing levels of hormones change your body. Two of these hormones are progesterone and estrogen. Pregnancy increases the level of these hormones so as to support your baby’s development and also make you feel breast discomfort.

take a pregnancy test heart pain
Your breast may appear full-full, breast vines might start looking darker than usual, nipples and breast can start hurting and you can even feel tenderness in your breast, and all these due to the increased blood flow and the level of progesterone and estrogen.

Though many women even come across tender breasts when their period is about to start, so this symptom can be a little tricky to be considered.

You Are Having A Cramping Stomach:

As told you above egg implantation can make your body undergo many changes and one of these alterations can be the cramps. During the stage of implantation, you can feel champs just the way you might have felt during the period. This pain can make you feel that your period is just at the door but then it disappears for few months.

Having A Cramping Stomach pregnancy test
Are you experiencing anything like this? Then you can take the test and if not, do not lose the hope as the hormonal level varies with every woman and with this the symptoms alter. You may find yours below.

You Are Not Feeling Well:

Pregnancy can bring many different feeling like nausea, exhaustion, food aversions, frequent urination and many more. Every pregnancy is different and so as its indications.
You can feel unusual due to the higher level of hCG, and with the passage of weeks, these symptoms can start getting stronger as the level of hCG catches the higher level in the first trimester.

pregnancy test when not feel well
You have to pay a close attention to your body if you come across any of these symptoms. If you find yourself in any of the above-mentioned conditions then you can go for a pregnancy test.

You Have Used The Contraceptives But It Failed:

If you think you are using contraceptives like condoms and some birth control pills and because of these you can’t get pregnant then let me tell you, you are very wrong! No contraceptives provide 100% pregnancy protection. There’s always stand a chance, no matter how far you run from getting pregnant.

Human error can also result in unexpected pregnancy like there is also a chance that someday you might forget to take the pill. Stat says that around 9 women out of 100 forget to take the contraceptives as directed by the doctors and hence get expectant accidentally.

Used The Contraceptives
If you think condoms can be a savior then you are wrong. Tearing and breaking of condoms make 18 out of 100 women pregnant every year. In this case, you can ask your doctor about intrauterine device (IUD). IUD is a contraceptive method that can reduce the risk of pregnancy to 1 out of 100 annually.

Here if you have taken any protection or contraceptive and also experiencing any of the listed symptoms then I would advise you to bring home the strip and get yourself checked.

When To Take A Pregnancy Test For The Perfect Result:

I hope you read the above given former signs of pregnancy, now let’s have a look exactly when and how you should test for the faultless outcome.

A woman who is sexually active has a chance of getting pregnant every month, regardless of protection she is using. When you get loaded with a baby your body sends you many signals and when you are prepared you should not ignore any of them. With a single indication of pregnancy, you can perform the test.

When To Take A Pregnancy Test For Perfect Result
So as to get the most effective test results you should take the test during your morning bathroom visit, you can even test after holding your pee for several hours. The more you will hang on with the pee the concentration of the hCG hormone will increase and hence will give you the ideal result.

There are many digital and non-digital pregnancy strips available in the market that can help you with the test. With the strip, you also get instructs that facilitate you with the better reading and understanding of an upshot.

Keep in mind, if you found yourself positive then you should call your doctor for the first pregnancy visit.

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