What to Wear When Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting

If you’re going duck hunting, you must dress appropriately for cold and wet weather. This involves layering and wearing waterproof and breathable clothes that keep out external moisture while allowing sweat to evaporate through the pores in the fabric.

Here are the best duck hunting clothes, gear, and accessories.

  1. Waterproof Chest Waders

Finding a high-quality wader is crucial in duck hunting. Look for a wader with a camo pattern that perfectly matches the environment you intend to hunt in. Also, do proper research to find a quality wader within your price range.

You can opt for a boot foot or a stocking foot wader. Stocking foot waders are more comfortable and lightweight, making them ideal for movement and comfort. They also do not come with boots, meaning you can purchase them separately for a more customized fit.

On the other hand, boot foot waders are one-piece constructions with an attached boot. They retain heat better and are cost-effective since they do not require you to purchase a pair of boots separately. However, they may compromise your movement.

2. Waterfowl Hunting Jacket 

You will also require a durable hunting jacket to protect you from the harsh weather. Chose a camo pattern jacket to camouflage you, so the birds do not see you. Also, get a jacket made of waterproof and breathable material to keep you warm and dry. 

The jacket should also have a fleece lining to keep you warm. It should also have an abrasion-resistant insert in the shoulders and elbows for more durability.

3. Blind Bag 

Next, get a blind bag that you can use to store all your hunting gear, including shotgun shells, duck calls, duck decoys, spare gloves, first aid kit, duck straps, and your hunting license. There are different designs and materials to choose from.

If you are a beginner, get simple and lightweight bag with a shoulder strap and a wide rectangular opening. However, if you need more storage, get a blind bag with shell holders and extra pockets.

4. Waterfowl Hunting Gloves

Gloves help keep your hands warm and protect them from bacteria and blood from the ducks. Therefore, look for gloves made from waterproof materials like neoprene or nylon. Also, look for a camouflaged pair that goes up to the mid-forearm.

5. Waterfowl Hats or Beanies

Hunting hats or beanies help keep you warm and camouflaged during the hunting trip. They also protect your face from the wind and sun and add more style to your look. 

Choose a hat or beanie with a camo design that blends perfectly with the hunting environment. Also, get one made with durable material to get more wear from the hat. Lastly, choose a breathable hat that allows sweat to evaporate while retaining your body heat.


The key to successful duck hunting is dressing correctly. Ensure you wear waterproof and breathable waders, jackets, gloves, hats, and beanies. They will keep you warm and comfortable during the hunting trip. They will also help you camouflage better, thus increasing your chances of going home with a duck.


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