What To Wear When Deer Hunting


Deer hunting is a very popular pastime in rural America. In fact, some communities even close schools for opening day of deer season to allow the whole family to participate.

But what if you would like to join in on this experience and have never gone deer hunting before?

In this article we are going to take a look at what to wear when deer hunting, so that you can be comfortable and enjoy your time in the woods.

What you wear deer hunting is going to change depending on the season in which you are hunting, so we are going to break it down by early season, mid season and late season deer hunting.

What To Wear When Deer Hunting In The Early Season

Deer hunting in the early season usually means bowhunting and the weather is typically very warm because the bow season can open as early as August in some states and September in most others.

You are going to want to focus on very light clothing.

When I first started bowhunting back in the early 80s, I would walk to my tree stand in nothing but a pair of gym shorts and I would put on a light pair of camo coveralls once I was up in my stand.

I also would walk very slowly to my stand, so that I did not start to sweat on the way. 

Sweat means scent and emitting human scent is one of the best ways to insure that you do not get a deer within range.

So the key in the early season is to wear light clothing.

What To Wear When Deer Hunting In Mid Season

Mid season is the time from late October Until about the end of November. This is the time period when most deer hunters will be in the woods, as most gun seasons occur at this time.

The key to being comfortable during the mid season is to dress in layers, because it can be quite cold first thing in the morning and the temperature can rise dramatically by midday, dropping again rapidly around dusk.

For the upper body, I like to wear a moisture wicking base layer, then a mid layer and then a nice quiet fleece or wool layer on top. These layers can be put on or taken off depending on the temperature and level of activity.

For the lower body, I like a moisture wicking base layer and a high quality fleece or wool outer layer. I would recommend buying the best hunting pants that you can afford, because these pants will last much longer than a cheap pair of pants.

What To Wear When Deer Hunting During Late Season

Late season can be defined by one word: COLD.

Deer hunting during late season can be extremely cold and proper preparation is the key to a comfortable hunt, similar to duck hunting.

All of the layering advice that I talked about during mid season still applies, but now you need to layer with technologically advanced clothing with adequate insulation and materials like Gore Tex and WindStopper fabrics that can keep you warm while allowing moisture to escape.

Also, during the late season you need to pay special attention to extremities and your head.

Invest in the best hunting socks that you can find, wear insulated boots, gloves and a hat.

Wrapping It Up

If you decide to take up hunting, you now know that what to wear when deer hunting will depend largely on which part of the season you are going to participate in.

Early season requires light clothing, while mid season requires layering and late season requires being prepared for extreme conditions.

Follow this advice and you may find your freezer full of nutritious venison to help feed your family.


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