What Should I Look For In A Pool Cue?

Are you new to the game of pool? Are you setting up your games room with a pool table and are wondering which cues to get to go with it? Whichever is the case, knowing what to look for in a pool cue will ensure you don’t make an expensive mistake.

Get your choice of pool cue wrong and it could have a serious impact on your game. A cue that is too long, too short, too light or too heavy could affect your skills and make you the laughing stock of your friends.

So, our expert guide is here to help you to make an informed purchasing decision. Here are the key things to keep in mind when you go shopping for a pool cue.


The first thing to consider when looking for the right pool cue is the price that you’re prepared to pay. You won’t need to spend a huge amount unless you’re planning on going pro! However, you do need to make sure that the cue you choose isn’t so cheap that it’s made to a poor quality standard. Buy the best cue that you can afford from a reliable manufacturer.


You need to ensure that your pool cue of choice has a comfortable hit. Every player has their own favorite playing style, so you may prefer a firmer hit or a more fluid one. Whichever you like best, you need to try out your chosen cue to ensure that the hit matches your own personal style.


You need to find a cue which has a good quality tip. Without a quality tip you won’t get a firm hit on the cue ball. Choose a leather tip which is layered for the best results.


One further feature to pay attention to when buying a pool cue is the wrap. There are lots of different types of grips and wraps out there from leather to rubber and linen. Some cues have wooden handles rather than sport grips or wraps. It depends on your own personal preferences which one is best for you. If you want a cue which is suitable for use even in harsh playing conditions, you’ll need one which has a shell made from fiberglass. Some the best models have fiberglass coatings which offer extra protection from warping and dents during use. If you’re planning on keeping your cue in damp and cold places (which is never a good idea), you should choose a warp-resistant model. This will ensure that the cue remains straight for longer.

Another factor to bear in mind when you’re choosing the right wrap is how moisture resistant you need it to be. If your hand tends to sweat a lot when you’re lining up your shot you should consider a leather wrap which will be a lot more moisture resistant than a linen wrap.


Always look down the length of the cue before you choose to ensure that it is straight. A cue which isn’t straight won’t be able to carry out straight shots and that’s going to do nothing for the quality of your game.

One Or Two Piece

If you are planning on taking your cue out and about with you to play at other venues as well as at home you might want to consider paying a little extra for a two piece cue. This will pack down into a carrying bag so you can transport it easily between venues. If you’re only planning on play at home, however, a single piece cue is probably the best option for you. Not only will it be more affordable it’ll have a lot of stability.


Always make sure that the cue you choose is the right length to suit your height. If you’re taller or shorter than average you may need to look for a specialist cue which is appropriate for your needs. You won’t be able to play your best game if you’re struggling with the wrong length of cue.

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