What points you must know before buying log cabin pods? 

Just like Ryan Williams, 32, and a marketing manager with a social media company, many of you were perhaps enticed by the idea of living in a log cabin ever since you read Uncle Tom’s Cabin (no pun here)! When the pandemic made hybrid work the mandate of professional life, Ryan figured out the open-space kitchen diner was not his ‘sustainable solution’ to long-term professional commitments. Then came the idea of a garden pod. Unlike spending a fortune, garden pods are easier to install and do not require any planning permission. He installed one. Would you like to? Then, you must see these amazing garden pods before you decide to get one installed. 

Why are garden pods becoming so popular?

There are myriad reasons for the same. Firstly, the hybrid work culture calls for a personal space, which to an extent must be ‘outside’ the house but ‘within the domains of comfort.’ Therefore an extension in the garden is a great alternative. Those who just have a backyard may install a log cabin there. 

Apart from that, these log cabins act as – a relaxing retreat, an entertainment space, a gym, or even a new outhouse. These pods are incredibly versatile and withstand most climatic conditions – making their usage possible around the year. 

The other benefits accrued to them include – the simplicity of installation as if having a garden extension, beyond the realms of your home, and the multiple ways in which one may use it. They are more affordable, with you getting a chance to install heating, cooling, and ventilation system as per your liking. Topping everything, these are found in temporary formats, which you may shift as per your requirement. 

What are the types of woods used?

When it comes to choosing the types of wood for garden pods, the most prominent options are Scandinavian pine or spruce. Scandinavian pine brings its density and tight grain, making it perfect for cold climes. Whereas, spruce is categorically known to be resistant to both insect infestation and decay. 

#Did you know that wood has natural insulating properties which reduce the transfer of heat from the interiors to the exteriors of the cabin? 

Check your budget and connect with your bespoke furniture creator and then decide. 

What are the types of garden pods? 

If you are asking for the most commonly seen log cabins or garden pods, the sphere-structured one with a modern curve has been to date the most opted. However – there is a range of other styles from which you can take a pick. Some of the available styles are – 

  • Go for the simple log cabin 

Traditional and reliable, this one resembles an outhouse and is armed with single-glazed windows and a large door. Eco-friendly with natural insulation – this is low on maintenance. 

  • You can choose the Igloo-styled dome format 

For those wishing to redecorate their garden space, this plush Igloo-style dome garden pod is an extraordinary choice. Mostly made of Scandinavian pine, the interiors of this are custom-designed for maximum comfort. 

  • Summerhouse garden pod 

This is a little high on the pocket and is dedicated as a relaxation retreat for most. Fitted with a reflective stainless steel roof, this provides ample space for furniture and other accessories. 

  • Rotating garden pod 

Looking for a compact design? The innovative rotating garden pod is a great choice in this section of garden pods. This is designed in a timber arc style and you may regulate it for the panoramic 360-degree view. Set up the interior as per your choice. 

Did you miss out on these added benefits? 

You can use a log cabin or a garden pod in multiple ways. Since you can customize them as per requirement, use them as a – man cave or a bar, or a hobby room after your long day at the garden office. 

Added to that, these log cabins may be insulated as per necessity. Also, being cost and management efficient, they bring forth a range of positives, unlike any other space. 

Do you know that both internal heating and wood have their respective healing properties? Wood has natural insulation benefits, with low humidity levels and temperature resistance. Therefore the inner weather of these log cabins is regulated. 

Also, it is evident how they provide a level of mental satisfaction given the presentation, of the log cabin. Topping everything, they are a value for money, given they last long. Fiscally speaking, investing in a log cabin is a good decision since it improves the value of the property. 

What to consider before installing one? 

Log cabins or garden pods might be very much in fashion, but you need to consider certain factors before installing the same. We will discuss them – 

  1. Where do you want your garden pod located? If you have a garden, then you could want it at the corner or at the side of your home. If you have a backyard, then the space is limited. 
  2. Ensure that the space where you are installing the garden pod must have a hardstanding base. The chosen styles are – patio, flagstone, cement, or deck for the base. 
  3. The view of the garden from the outhouse is also important. Which side would you open your pod door to? Would you like an eastern end for the sun’s rays? 
  4. Electrics is another area to consider. The pod must have heating, lighting, and power-point options. The water and sink connections are important. You also need to think about the practicalities of the toilet and bathroom access. 

You must only invest in a property that matches all these factors (you may add some other essential factors as well.)

Is there any protocol? 

Different areas have their own set of protocols, which you will have to consider. However – there are some basic guidelines that you need to maintain – 

  1. Your cabin or garden pod must not block the light to the neighboring properties. 
  2. It also must not stand in a place where it obstructs the neighbours’ doors or windows. 
  3. It takes up more than 50% of the total garden space. 

Would you like to install one? 

Now that you are aware of the benefits and multitude of alternatives available in garden pods, you may wish to install one. That is a good decision. Just ensure – you follow the protocol, seek out the choices with your bespoke furniture creator and consider the factors before installing one. 


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