What Is The Meaning Of Life? – Different Views On The Big Question

What is the meaning of life? This question has been asked for long by many people on the planet. Some try to answer it in a scientific manner while some have philosophical answers. Religious people base the answer on scriptures while Socialists have their own perspective while common people just struggle to answer this and make up some answers if asked. No matter which category you belong to, this question must have crossed your mind at one point or the other in your life. You either believe in an answer or you just know that you don’t have the answer of it and so move on.

Why are we living? What is the purpose of our lives? Is there something that more than just surviving? These are some of the question that we all might have had in our minds at least once in our lives. Is the simple meaning of life to be found out inherently in life’s various activities or the real meaning of our life’s is to be found outside in the path where our life’s leads us.

This does not inexorably infer a childish implicit rule. The outer translation usually makes the case that there is a domain to which life leads after death. A powerful being some call God, who will dole out to us some prize or discipline after death, assesses our life on earth. The significance of our life, its motivation and support, is to satisfy the desires of God, and afterward to get our last remunerate. Be that as it may, inside of the inward perspective of importance, we can contend that significance is best found in exercises that advantage others, the group, or the Earth all in all. It’s simply that the prize for these exercises must be found here, in the fulfillment that they manage the cost of inside of this life, rather than in some outside soul domain.

A fascinating approach to differentiate the inward and outer perspectives is to envision strolling through an excellent scene. Your motivation in strolling may be just to get elsewhere – you may believe there’s a superior spot off out yonder. For this situation the importance of your voyage through the scene is outside to the experience of the scene itself. Then again, you may be strongly intrigued by what the scene holds. It might be a backwoods, or it may contain ranches, towns. You may stop along the way, study, learn, banter, with little considered why you are doing these things other than the joy they give you. You may stop to offer somebody who some assistance with being wiped out: indeed, you may stay numerous years, and discovered a clinic. What then is the importance of your trip? Is it fulfilling or advantageous just on the off chance that you have fulfilled an outside reason – just on the off chance that it gets you elsewhere? Why, in fact, can’t the fulfillment and delights of the scene, and of your deeds, be sufficient.

We can keep on trying to control our own lives, which brings about vacancy, or we can seek after God and His will for our lives with an entire heart, which will bring about living to the full, having the yearnings of our souls met, and discovering happiness and fulfillment.

Watching God work firsthand is for entire hearted pupils of Christ who have really quit seeking after their own particular goals to seek after rather God’s reasons. They have paid the value (complete surrender to Christ and His will); they are encountering life to its fullest; and they can confront themselves, their kindred man, and their Maker without any second thoughts. Have you paid the cost? Is it accurate to say that you are willing to? Provided that this is true, you won’t hunger in the wake of importance or reason once more.

What is the meaning of life

Some Questions That Have Been Expressed To Dig Deep Into What Is The Meaning Of Life

Who Are We?

This question has been asked for long. Science tries to explain this but still it has not been able to tell in absolute terms what is the smallest particle made of. So, who we are still remains unanswered? Scriptures have also the answer. Many believe it and many don’t believe it.

Why Are We Here?

This is related to the purpose of life. Do we really have a purpose of life? Many say life without a purpose is no life and everybody has come here with a purpose. They need to search for it and get it. Science says there is no purpose at all.

Where Did We Come From?

This question has also haunted millions and continues to do so. This means we want to know the origin of the life on the planet. Science explains this in a big way but still does not answer in totality.

What Is The Nature Of Life?

This is a highly argued question as to what is the real nature of life? Why there is death of a life? Again there is different explanation for it by scientists, philosopher, religion and others.

Though there are more questions about what is the meaning of life but the most fundamental thing about this is that because there is death which are certain, people really want to know this.

People of scientific community think that they can answer this question and all related questions by providing proper context. People from other community think that science cannot answer this question as they believe that this will always stay beyond the capability of science and its methods to answer this very subtle but huge question. You can decide which way want to explore this question or you just want to leave it and go ahead with regular affairs of life on daily basis.

What is the meaning of life? we humans have struggled long to answer this question. We build ideas, beliefs and religions around it, men have gone to over it, and argued over it for centuries. Conjecture on just what is the meaning of life range from the buoyant to the depressed souls, but they’re all rather interesting and thought provoking as well.

Let’s See 10 Different Views On The Big Question-What Is The Meaning Of Life? –

The Cyrenaics – Western philosophical perspective on true meaning of life

The Cyrenaics were a derivative of the wisdom of Socrates. They were founded around 400 B.C. by a North African student of Socrates named Aristippus.

According to them the answer to the question what is the meaning of life is subjective based on everything that happens to an individual. They preach that truth is an intrinsically personal thing, and nobody can experience this world in the same way as another person does.

They also preach that we can’t discern anything for sure about the people and things around us, there is just what we experience for ourselves.

They believe that the real objective in life must be contentment and pleasure in the present, that everyone should do whatever makes them happy in the moment instead of preparing for a future which is uncertain and unknowable.

As per their theory the true meaning of life is to disregard the chains of social conventions and only do what is pleasing to you, in the present moment.WHATIS THE MEANING OF LIFE-1

Mohism – East Asian Philosophical Perspective On The Meaning Of Life

Mohism came up in China at the same time as the Cyrenaics originated in Greece. Named after its creator, Mo Di, the group is famous for being one of the original organized truth-seeking philosophical groups in China who argued and debated ideas like – what is the meaning of life?

Their texts delineate 10 doctrines that say must be followed by people in their daily lives, most of which support impartiality. As per the doctrines, the meaning of life can be realized when every single person shows equal amount of attention and care to other people, putting no one’s needs beyond anyone else’s.

That means one has to get rid of extravagant luxury, leisure, and wealth. They wanted people to make every effort for equality, ensuring that everyone had the same level of comfort and happiness while helping everyone attain their final purpose in life, which is a blissful afterlife.WHATIS THE MEANING OF LIFE-2

Cynics Perspective About Meaning Of Life

The Cynics are a group that descended from the knowledge of Socrates, and their answer to the question what is the meaning of life is that the meaning of life is to live a honorable life that was more attuned with the normal order of things rather than with what they felt were disputed social traditions and ethics of society.

The Cynics felt that numerous things that had become tradition in the society, like hypocrisy or wealth in temples, had nothing to do with helping us to live righteous lives.

While they didn’t completely disparage social conventions, they believed that everyone should shape their own thoughts about morality and immorality, and follow the course of virtue even if it is against social norms.

This resulted in the idea of parrhesia, or telling the truth. Another important principle of this philosophy was that freedom was the real meaning of life.WHATIS THE MEANING OF LIFE-3

Einstein’s Theory About Meaning Of Life 

Albert Einstein is without a doubt one of the most brilliant minds that ever existed in the world. In 1951, a young woman asked Einstein in a letter “what is the meaning of life?” and his answer was to the point and rather moving.

“To create satisfaction for ourselves and for other people,” he replied. In the letters exchanged between Einstein and Eduard, his son we can see a deeper response than that.

Einstein wrote to his son that according to him “highest stage of consciousness is the highest ideal” and that the ability of mankind to think and build anything from nothing is the biggest thing we can do.WHATIS THE MEANING OF LIFE-3

Charles Darwin’s Therory On Meaning Of Life

Charles Darwin had somewhat of an intricate liaison with religion and holy ideas about the true meaning of life.

Born into a family of Christian faith, his thoughts on God and the meaning of life altered significantly throughout his career.

According to Darwinism the meaning of life is inimitable and different for every person and every species—the point of existence of a fish is totally different from the point of the existence of a plant.

The interpretations of Darwinism concur that part of the meaning of life is to pass on our DNA to the next generation.WHATIS THE MEANING OF LIFE-5

Nihilism’s Views On What Is The Meaning Of Life

Perhaps the most widespread perspective in which we hear the name “nihilism” is from the Russian revolutionaries who denied all authoritarian bodies, like religion and government.

A proper nihilist believes that there isn’t anything as knowledge or value, and there’s no point to our existence. Friedrich Nietzsche says everything we observe around us is a false construct that doesn’t last with the apathy of nihilism, a theory supported by the analysis of the attitudes by Oswald Spengler’s that indicates the collapse of a civilization.

Nihilism is possibly one of the most demoralizing theories on the meaning of life, saying that there is no meaning to life, and that’s all right, as there isn’t much of anything really.WHATIS THE MEANING OF LIFE-6

Tibetan Beliefs About Meaning Of Life

Tibetan philosophy tells one major objective in life: to end the suffering in the world and to do so, the one has to gain an appreciation of the world and it working.

In the course of understanding how the world works, you will finally come to the awareness required to stop suffering.

The Tibetan philosophy also shows people a path through which one can measure their individual milestones, from being someone who is only concerned with their own life i.e. “Person of Small Ability” to becoming someone who takes suffering to lessen the suffering of others i.e. “Person of Great Ability”.

Tibetan philosophy gives a clear set of instructions to the followers to make them for get closer to the real meaning of life.WHATIS THE MEANING OF LIFE-7

The Epicureans Perspective About Meaning Of Life

The Epicurean philosophy is very simple; it says everything is made of tiny particles, which include human body, made of soul particles. Without those particles, body would be dead, and without an alive body, soul particles can’t feel anything. This is why human beings can’t survive after death.

All we have is what we have on Earth; there is no afterlife no rewards and punishments after death too, so while we are living we must make the most of it.

If you question them – what is the meaning of life? They say meaning of life is derived from one fact: minimize pain, maximize pleasure. An important facet of Epicurean meaning of life is the nurturing of friendships, as it a pleasurable, everlasting, secure and safe feeling to which mortals can hope for.WHATIS THE MEANING OF LIFE-8

Aztec Philosophy On Meaning Of Life

According to them the correct meaning of life is to stay in balance with environment and allow the continuance of energy called teotl which grows each generation.

This energy surrounds everything, joins everything we know and all that is outside our knowledge. Teotl is constantly changing, just like the universe, and we must ensure that we live in harmony with that.

The goal of Aztec knowledge is to teach us to live in a way that our future generations could also enjoy the excellent life that we did.WHATIS THE MEANING OF LIFE-9

Stephen Fry On Meaning Of Life

Stephen Fry’s recitation of humanist video puts the question “what is the meaning of life?” in a standpoint that can relate to everyone, irrespective of their belief system, race, age or gender. Fry preached that there isn’t any exact meaning of life.

Famous Perspectives On What is The Meaning Of Life

“What is the significance of life?” is an philosophy’s biggest question numerous individuals ask themselves sooner or later amid their lives, most in the situation “What is the purpose of life?”. Some well known answers include:

To Understand One’s Potential And Beliefs

  • To pursue dreams
  • To experience one’s dreams.
  • To spend it for something that will outlive it.
  • To matter: to tally, to remain for something, to have had some effect that you inhabited all.
  • To grow one’s potential in life.
  • To turn out to be the person you’ve always desired to be
  • To turn into the best form of yourself.
  • To look for joy and prosper
  • To be a genuine real human being.
  • To have the capacity to put the entire of oneself into one’s emotions, one’s work, one’s beliefs.
  • To take after or submit to our destiny.
  • To accomplish eudemonia, a prospering of human soul.

To Accomplish Natural Flawlessness

  • To endure that is, to live as long as possible, including quest for eternality.
  • To live forever or die trying. Presence; to continue existing, to continue being, to save possess presence; not to stop to be, not to vanish; presence exclusively depending on itself; to conquer dangers to claim presence; existential and ontological independence.
  • To adjust. Frequently to enhance one’s odds of achievement in another reason; once in a while, as a reason in itself
  • To grow, to develop.
  • To recreate, to replicate. “The ‘fantasy’ of each cell is to end up two cells.”

Everyone has their individual meaning and we need to look inside ourselves to learn what makes us happy and gives our life meaning.

There’s no correct or incorrect meaning of life or some inexplicable answers out there—in fact, it is an unexplained answer within us.

If you want to be truly happy then simply live life as fully and as completely as possible.

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