What is the Best Scroll Saw for Beginners?

Saws have been used for thousands of years improving and expanding their variety to fill certain niches over time.

Regardless of whether you have a large furniture workshop or a small garage where you can make crafts, a scroll saw is one of the most useful tools of all you have. These saws let you perform different work — from the manufacture of handmade wooden puzzles to sophisticated furniture decorations. The porter cable scroll saw is great for cutting uneven lines, but an ordinary scroll saw is the best choice for creating the most complex curves of wood, plastic, copper and other materials. An additional advantage is a table in which the material can be laid on during cutting to achieve precise rotation and detail. Creating complex bends is what a scroll saw can do perfectly.

A Little Information

The device resembles a drill in a straight case where nozzles in the form of a drill is a cutting tool. These saws can be used to work with almost any material, and you can make cuts of any shape with their help.

The blade rotates around its own axis, as a result of which the cut can pass along a contour or in a circle. Such a tool is convenient to work with drywall, wood, tile or plastic. The tool is very compact, it is easy to make wavy cuts, cut edges, choose grooves, cut holes for pipes, sockets or locks. The device is used by plumbers, installers, roofers, electricians.

Few Words About the Classification

There are many ways to classify a tool. Firstly, scroll saws are divided according to purpose:

  • The home machine is not intended for serious work. You will not be able to cut a thick beam since the power of such an apparatus is very small.
  • A professional machine is designed for continuous operation. These are powerful stationary devices that work with any type of material. They cost significantly more.
  • A machine for production is a device from another world. It can work with a tremendous load of up to 20 hours.

Another type of classification is the shape of the handle. The tool can be produced with a staple or mushroom-shaped handle. The first model is held in one hand, which slightly reduces the quality of the cut. But the mushroom-shaped handle requires holding the device with the second hand. The accuracy of the work is much higher in this case.

What Should a Novice Give preference to?

  • WEN 3920 Scroll Saw

Sawing complex parts can be made much more accurate using the given model from . The required results of obtaining parts from wood and other materials can now be achieved without much difficulty. This tool has a speed change mechanism that lets you set from 400 to 1600 saw movements per minute. The speed reference is carried out by the regulator located on the front of the instrument. The model has one more possibility; it can use saws, both with a pin lock and with a smooth trailer. The blade tension switch makes it not hard to change the saw when necessary.

  • Jet 727200K tool with stand

You can take advantage of a stable but lightweight device with an integrated stand and a conveniently raised workspace. You’ll also appreciate how intuitive the design of this tool is — the stand is adjustable to provide convenient scrolling regardless of your height, as well as you can use this device both sitting and standing.

  • DEWALT DW788

You can set the device movement speed which makes it amazingly flexible when working with various materials letting you change them quickly and accurately since everything is regulated here. All this can be configured independently following the template or in another way.

Equipped with an intuitive speed control developed by a well-known and respected company; it lets you constantly maintain a smooth working process. Your actions will not be interrupted when you switch from one material to another, or from one thickness of a part to another. The saw blade tension lever, speed control, as well as the switch, are located at the front of the bracket for easy access. Moreover, the saw is equipped with a flexible blowing hose, which can easily be directed to where it is needed letting you constantly keep the working surface free of sawdust. Water can also be used to clean waste.

  • Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw

This powerful tool is equipped with a removable accessory for copying parts. It can saw various materials including wood, plastic and even laminate. The uniqueness of this tool gives its ability to perform better cuts without restrictions on the type of material used.

Changing the speed will provide for a cleaner and more accurate sawing of most materials. There is no need to worry about whether the sawed part will not be broken due to too much pressure since this powerful tool lets you change the speed of the saw. Whether it is wooden workpieces, thin sheet metal, or plastic sheets, Dremel will easily complete the task.

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