What is the Best Mobile Slots Theme?


These days online slots are truly everywhere. Better yet, they can also be played anywhere! Modern technology has demolished the era of sitting down at a desktop/games console in order to play fantastic and eye-catching games. Now, all you need is a relatively new smartphone that has access to an internet browser. And best of all, almost all of us own a smartphone!

Online casinos have been utterly revolutionised by this new way of gambling. From spinning slots in a cosy cafe to playing roulette whilst you lie on a scorching beach, you can be sure that mobile casinos can be with you wherever you go.

Now, as the extensive lists of online casino games are constantly evolving, it can easily become overwhelming – even for veteran players. Ultimately though, that’s what we’re here for! There are so many unique themes and features that help to separate the crowded market; so we are going to show you some of our favourites to help spark your interest.

From glorious slots, literally laced with golden features, to your simple and iconic fruit machine slots, there is bound to be a mobile casino theme to peak your enjoyment!

Remember you need to be 18+ to gamble within the UK and please feel free to visit BeGambleAware.org for information on how to gamble safely.

Classic Fruit Machine Theme

Like to keep things simple? Are you one of those people that enjoy less flash and prefer to keep to basics? Well. if this sounds like you then you should definitely stick to the iconic fruit machine theme. These games keep the typical ‘juicy’ symbols that you are probably used to, in a similar fashion to the old-school slot machines that you find tucked away in the corner of your local pub. They usually feature a minimal amount of decoration and style but instead opt to keep the number of rows smaller in order to pack on the chances to win! A fantastic example of this is mFortune’s game, literally titled Fruit Machine online slots! These reels are incredibly simple, yet pleasing to the eye; it is full of retro flavours for you to sink your thirsty teeth into!

However, nowadays we have had some developments in the areas of fruit machine slots. There are many out there that take the classic symbols, but intertwine these with fantastic new features. You should check out Casino 2020’s Super Royal 7s if you want to continue biting into some big fruity wins, but still like the idea of extra features and mini-games. Super Royal 7s includes Free Spins, Wild symbols and even a Super Royal 7s mini-game to give you ample opportunity to win!

Action and Adventure Theme

Do you like the idea of running through the jungle in search of lost jewels? Or are you more of a wannabe army commander that loves the sweet rattling sound of big money wins exploding onto the reels? Whatever your preferences, you can be sure to find some fantastic action/adventure slots out there! These online slots tend to have some fantastic graphical effects that send your mind into a state of pure enjoyment! They can also feature some sweet mini-games and features to break up the satisfying reel spins. mFortune offers a brilliant Tomb-based game called Tomb of the Wins! It is not as dark as it sounds – it has you winning big by delving deep within an ancient ruin. Can you find the magical jewels and ‘scarab’ some wins through these reels and dynamic mini-games?

Or perhaps Dr Slot’s fantastic selection is more up your street! You could take to the explosive adventure of Full Metal Jackpot online slots and lead your squadron to victory; potentially taking home the Mega Jackpot! That’s not all that Dr Slot has to offer, he also features the Throne of Kings slots. Here you can conquer the slot lands by traversing through some medieval trials and tribulations, as you reach the stage of pure fantasy enjoyment.

Luxury Theme

Perhaps too much adventure and action aren’t for you. Maybe you enjoy the finer aspects of life, those luxurious things that innately make you feel good! If that’s the case, then there are definitely some online slots out there designed with you in mind. Whether it’s an online slot conveying a stunning beach scene that you can relax away your days on, or it’s an online slot that paints you as the picture of royalty – whatever the case, your bed of roses await you!

You could take a serene trip to the ocean with mFortune’s fantastic Cashed Away online slots. If you prefer to while away the days to the gentle squark of seagulls and the restless calm of the ocean, these slots are made for you. Mr Spin casino also offers a similarly themed game with Fishin’ For Wins online slots. Instead of sitting atop the ocean, you can live amidst the depths. As tropical fish swim on by, you could get winning big, whilst you float away bubble-like in the tranquillity.

Maybe you envision luxury differently. Well, in such a case we definitely recommend that you check out Jammy Monkey online casino. You could find yourself depicted as the bride of your wildest dreams, as you spin the reels to the peacefully ceremonial church bells. Or if you would prefer, and if your perception of luxury consists of glitz and glamour over lace, then you should definitely take a look at Soul Sisters online slots. Featuring a Free Spins feature, glittery Wild symbols and even the progressive Mega Jackpot, this game is sure to have you feeling like the star of the show.

Unique Theme

Perhaps you’re more of a ‘loose cannon’ when it comes to the themes you enjoy! You can easily get bored of the action/adventure theme, or perhaps luxury and classic fruit machines are just not for you. You could love the idea of playing games with new and never-before-seen features! You may even love the notion of picking a game due to its pure uniqueness, or randomness! Truly, you just hate being put in a box. Well in such a case, there are so many distinct online slots out there for you to choose from. As the online slots catalogue of the 21st century is so large, you never need to fear being restricted!

mFortune offers a range of unique games. I mean, have you ever heard of a game based in ‘cat heaven’, where you can spin the reels whilst being surrounded by angelic felines! 9Lives by mFortune brings you this unique concept and gives you the chance to win big. You may even prefer the simple things, like burgers and spinning reels. Well, in that case you should check out Burger Man, by mFortune.

Even if your tastes exist more on the unique side, there is a game out there for you.

What is the Best Mobile Slots Theme?

Well, as you can see, the sheer size of the mobile slots catalogue is too large to truly answer this question! It can sound cliché, but the truth is it really is down to personal preference! A great benefit to this ever-evolving slots market is that you can continue to try out slots until you find the perfect game and brand for you!



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