What is a Googly delivery?

Bowling in cricket can be a surprisingly complex aspect. Currently, 1xBet is a safe Bangladesh betting site, and punters can visit it to wager on the best bowlers in the game. For many, bowling might simply look like the action of throwing the ball with the hand. However, there is much more going on in that crucial aspect of cricket.

There are several bowling techniques that can be used which have been developed since early in the history of the sport. Right now, 1xBet Bangladesh is a safe betting site, and it can be used on the best bowlers in this exciting sport. The purpose of the different bowling techniques is always the same. In general, it is intended to make the job of the batters as difficult as possible.

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Confusing batters

As previously said, bowlers want to throw balls whose trajectories are hard to predict by batters. Whenever great bowlers are in the field, the  website can be used to wager on them.

The Googly is one of said techniques. Players who use this technique make the ball spin from the off-side to the leg-side of the batsman (from a right-handed batsman point of view). This is opposite to a normal leg break delivery, which is a far more frequently used technique. The best bowlers in the sport are featured at 1xBet, and punters can wager on them at any moment.

Performing a Googly

As with many other bowling techniques, a lot of practice is required in order to master the Googly. Yet, there have been many players who have done a great job with it, such as Reggie Schwarz. Whenever a player makes a Googly, you can visit 1xBet – make live bet now on all such highly talented players.

It is not easy to make a Googly. However, it is still possible to describe the general steps required to do one. They are as follows:

  • the bowler holds the ball in his hand, and makes sure to align the seam with his palm;
  • the ball is held in the hand with all fingers;
  • prior to the release of the ball, the bowler will move the third finger in order to add some spin to the ball;
  • after the spin produced by the finger, the player will give some extra spin by rotating his wrist.

There are a few other ways to achieve the same effect. For example, some players who perform the delivery prefer to hold the ball with three fingers rather than all five. Nevertheless, if well performed, it will really confuse the batters of the opposing team. The 1xBet live website allows its members to make a bet now on the best players that use the Googly technique.

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