What Are Modular Log Homes? Here’s A Quick Guide.

What is a modular log home? Well a modular log home known also as a log or pre built log cabin simply refers to the fact that the house Is prebuilt and ready to assemble in a quick and easy process ( in this case all you would need to do is to simply nail the sections together on a flat base whilst it’s hoisted). The fact that the house is premade and in easily buildable parts is why it’s called a modular home as the definition of modular is ( according to Cambridge ) “ consisting of separate parts that, when combined, form a complete whole.” That’s is why a modular home means a prebuilt home but that is not the entirety of what a pre built log home Is nor what it can be. For more information please continue reading the article where we shall be answering any questions that you may have about modular log homes.

Are they durable?

Yes. The simple answer is yes; and here is the long answer. Homes built out of wood are generally considered to be more durable and long standing compared to the normal brick and mortar homes which, begin to disintegrate immediately after the property is built with bits of the house needing to be replaced every few decades- an example of this is the roof and heating system of a house . However, a log or wooden home will not begin to disintegrate over time; much rather it begins to wear out via erosion caused by rain. This processes of normal wear and tear takes longer than straight up disintegrating and may take a lifetime to see any significant changes. This longevity also allows for people to pass on their log homes for generations to come without any major fixes being made and would be perfect as a family heirloom whereas, a standard brick and mortar home would be lucky to be passed down one generation.

Are they expensive?

Construction costs

This answer depends on your specific circumstances. To build a log home is generally cheaper than building a traditional brick and mortar home as the raw materials involved in a brick and mortar home are more expensive and generally require specialist machines to use it along with very expensive, specialist staff to operate the machines.

However, is a modular log home cheaper than a log home? Well the answer is generally yes.  This is because the house would be premade; hence requiring less labour for people to build it and less time for them to complete the build. Time is money in this case, and it’ll save you a tonne of cash to buy a prebuilt. However, this wouldn’t be true all the time as more complex shapes and designs in a prebuilt home may be more expensive pre built as it is more difficult to fabricate which the factory may charge you a lot more or simply refuse to build it. This may be more expensive to build than just a log cabin and allowing for the builders to charge more for their time to build it and you should definitely ask around for price.

Running costs

Me saying the running cost of a modular log cabin of just a normal log cabin would make me sound a bit like a chick as it is cheap, cheap, cheap. Wood is a good natural insulator and when used properly when building a modular log cabin (i.e. it is thick and there is no gap between each log) it should keep the icy cold wind and rain out and the warmth in and conversely the cold in and the heat of the  beating sun out. This effect also lasts for a long time and hence allows for a lower energy cost to cool or heat up the house and allows for a cheaper running of the place.

In addition to that maintenance costs are also less for a pre built cabin when compared to a standard brick and mortar house as issues are easily spottable and can be fixed by yourself with cheap hardware store supplies and equipment; unlike a brick and mortar house where problems are hard to find and usually hidden until a large visible issue is present which, then also requires specialists to come in and repair your house using the same basic items that you could find at a hardware store but at double the price for you.

Do they limit your choice?

To a certain extent buying a pre built log cabin would not limit the choice of designs available to you but as long as it is a feasible shape and not something crazy such as a piece of modern art as a functioning home. However, despite if you so wanted such an extravagant design you could possibly get it made but you would need multiple factories and you may be hindered in costs as it would most certainly be more expensive as it would have to be a specially made one off for you and require more labour.

However, I would highly doubt that anyone would want a custom made prebuilt home as there is plenty of different styles online with the majority of them being beautiful not only to you but to others,  hence why it’s still on sale- no company is going to sell an ugly house as they wouldn’t stay as a company anymore. Furthermore, these houses are built with longevity in mind and often have long extended warranties on top of the builders guarantee of three years. This would not be something that most people would want to give up as it is hugely beneficial in the rare instance if any thing was to break in your log cabin as it would then be replaced or repaired for free.

So, you want a log cabin?

You want a log cabin; how do you start the process of getting one? Well, you could just build it and have it be your dream house. It can be anywhere you want as a log cabin is incredibly versatile and only need some land.

So how do you build your dream cabin? Well, that would be a simple process but far too long to be described properly in this article. So for more info on how to build  Modular log homes  simply click the link.


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