Wedding Photobook Ideas

Weddings are one of the most cherished events and the most sought-after moments in our lives. This is why almost everyone wants to keep these memories afresh by capturing, preserving and organizing these moments into a wedding album. However, wedding albums are slowly being replaced by the more readily available wedding photobooks, for all the right reasons.

Contrary to photo albums, photobooks are cheaper and simple to create. They are unique and can be personalized to exhibit pure class and finesse of a professional. Here are some unique, fresh wedding photobook ideas you can use

Select powerful photobook-making software

You need an all-powerful and reliable software to create stunning wedding photobooks. For eccentric photobooks choose Mixbook. It is a powerful and straightforward to use photobook software. Once you upload your digital wedding photos, you can resize them, crop, add text and do more editing to have a gorgeous wedding photobook.


There are various wedding themes available in the market. From themes based on seasons to color themes. All these themes help a unique twist to your wedding photobook. While traditional albums also do employ different themes to come up with an elegant collection of pictures, digital photobooks do it much better. Also, you can provide personalized themes to your photobooks as well – for instance, using superheroes, cars, or cartoons to complement your wedding perfectly.

Choose photos that tell a Story

To capture the entire wedding, carefully choose the images of your photobooks. Include pictures from every part of your wedding ceremony from the decoration to the food, bride maids, groomsmen friends, relatives, dancing dinner party, parents, you and your beloved one and the more. Then organize the photos in a way that when one flips through the photobook, it showcases the wedding’s love story from beginning to end.

Design Outstanding Covers

Apart from making the photobook look gorgeous, the cover should be more interactive and easy to glance through. It should also stand the test of time. Therefore go for a durable cover with a solid background. You can have two large photos of the bride and groom matching with modest backgrounds. You can also have a cover pattern that matches the photobook page patterns. Then have a decorative title that makes a statement and serves as an elegant finishing touch.

Include Guests Photos

Another exciting idea will be to use pictures of your guests in the photobook. Use the best images of you two as a couple and include guests. Your friends and family can then sign their messages on these pictures, leave their blessings and convey their happiness for the married couple.

Have a final photo that makes a statement

Finish off your wedding photobook with a strong statement. Select the closing image that gives a dramatic effect. This picture should illustrate how you will be remembered as a couple. Whether you wish to be remembered as a “happily ever after” couple or a couple madly in love with each other. Use the final photo to make this your moment.

So, if you are about to walk down the aisle, keep these useful wedding photobook ideas in mind. To create stunning wedding photobooks, you do not need professional photography knowledge. All you need is basic know-how and far-reaching views that would make you want to re-live those memories.

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