5 Ways Wireless Chargers Set Themselves Apart from The Rest

Mobile phone accessories have been around almost as long as mobile phones.  Some of them are little more than novelty stocking stuffers. Does anyone really need a Pikachu costume for their iPhone, especially if it only fits the iPhone 5?  Wireless products are more than accessories, though. They are designed to make you and your iPhone more productive. Distinct creativity is the key feature that makes TYLT’s products stand out from other competitive companies by creating the best and most reliable user-friendly products at the first priority. The TYLT products provide more power storage as compared with other products.

5 Reasons That Wireless Chargers Are the Best:

1. Stylish design is one of the unique qualities of wireless chargers.  One of them even looks like a fainting couch for your phone. Of course, it does a fine job of keeping your phone from fainting. The Power Docks are an upgradation of the traditional portable power banks it not only provides charging to your phones but it can also be used to charge your digital cameras, power cases and power banks. The Block Party is another great product by TYLT. It is not just a power bank but also has a detachable blue-tooth speaker, it has 20,000 mAh battery and it can charge up to four devices at the same time. The speakers can be used for 4 hours on their own battery without getting attached to the power base and it gives a playback time of 72 hours when it’s attached to the power base. It is an essential partying accessory, you can liven up every party with the Block Party. 

2. What could be better than a phone charging backpack?  A laptop charging backpack, of course!  The TYLT Energi Pro is a boon to students and digital nomads alike. The Energi Pro is the only backpack that comes with a build in charger that can provide charging not only to your cell phones, tablets and even laptops that have USB type C. it provides charging at very fast speed due to its latest USB type C ports. It is not only a power source but it is very durable too and can be used as a normal backpack with its 210D polyester fabric makes it very flexible and spacious as well.

3. TYLT offers a backpack with a built-in battery charger that also has room for lots of other contents.  It is spacious enough to take on a backpacking trip. This backpack has 12 inbuilt spacious pockets which can accommodate all your essentials along with a 15’’ laptop. This is definitely the future of backpacks. We try our best to give you the comfort along with the latest utilities. Our backpacks are designed to keep your devices charged while you are on the move so that you are always in touch with the world. These bags can provide charging to multiple devices simultaneously through the multiple ports available in the bags. In addition to this, all backpacks have water-resistant pockets as well in which you can safely put your digital devices to keep them safe from moisture damages.  

4. Almost any iPhone charger is a portable iPhone charger.  The ones from TYLT have an added feature, though.  They don’t need an electrical plug. You can use them at any restaurant table, and they are an instant conversation piece. The ORB wireless charging pad is a must-have if you own an iPhone. It is compatible with all the latest iPhones and provides very fast charging. It is very user-friendly as you just need to place your phone on it to charge.

5. TYLT offers phone charging cases that will keep your phone charged for several days. Now, this is definitely an innovation in technology, with these charging cases you can easily go anywhere even if you forget to bring a phone charger with you, you will have plenty of time to find one because of their 3200 mAh built-in batteries. These cases not only make your phones look stylish but also provide protection to your phones from damage like other normal cases. It comes with a portable power-sleeve, which you can attach whenever your battery is low. The power sleeve is also designed to save power for future use whenever your device is fully charged it automatically gets turned off.     

Something for Everyone

Whether you want something ostentatious or just something simple and practical, TYLT has you covered.  The main goal of all products is to make your phone and other electronic devices to work better for a longer time. It has stored something for everyone.

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