Watford Should Look Up to Pearson’s Techniques

Pearson’s Techniques

Despite ending their FA Cup match against the Tranmere Rovers in a disappointing 3-3 draw, Watford have a lot of positives to take from that game and should translate it into better performances in the future. Pearson’s Techniques-

In the smaller picture, it seemed that the Hornets did really had a meltdown in the second half that eventually set the stage for the Rovers’ comeback and the resulting draw. It is surely frustrating to see how they finished the first half strong, only to blow away a 3-0 lead in a game that looked like theirs in the first place.

That might be it, but there is one big fact to look on at the team’s draw with Pearson’s Techniques.

Nigel Pearson rested his first-team players in the game. He used a different lineup that was never seen when the Hornets played in the top flight. The head coach did not have any excuses nor regrets in making that big call that had an impact on the game.

‘The Premier League is our priority and I have no qualms about it’, said Pearson, who opted not to play his best players in the game. ‘It was never my intention to do anything other than protect the squad and to look after what we need to do for the Premier League – it’s as simple as that and we can’t afford not to’.

Pearson’s Techniques call to rest his first-team players and to put the Premier League games as his top priority may seem questionable at first, but when weighing how the Hornets played in that draw, fans should be happy with the head coach’s moves.

With the first-team players out, this means that Pearson had only few players in his arsenal. That meant a lot more as the team has a long injury list, and the head coach is trying to avoid any more additions to that doomed list that could disrupt their Premier League run.

‘Unfortunately for us, the FA Cup is not the priority. If we were in a more comfortable situation and had more players available (then it could be), but we don’t and at the minute we’ve got quite a lengthy injury list’, Pearson explained. ‘We can’t afford as a football club to put ourselves into a situation where we go into the league programme with even fewer players available. I’ve got to make decisions based on what’s right for our season’.

He trusted his young core in Nathaniel Chalobah and Tom Dele-Bashiru to lead the charge in that game. The two players did not disappoint and came up with goals to combat Tranmere in the first half.

It seems that Pearson has a unique talent for bringing out the best in his young players. That could have been the best thing that Watford can get from their new coach. Pearson and his buddy, assistant coach Craig Shakespeare, have been instrumental in the team’s sudden change of pace.

Pearson will continue to forge the Hornets as they continue their quest to exit the relegation and make a strong push in the Premier League table. That makes the team so dangerous and fun to watch as they are growing every time they play under Pearson’s guidance.

The future is indeed bright for the team, thanks to Pearson. The head coach may have found his long-term home as the team looks up to him to help them challenge the rest of the Premier League.

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