Vaping vs Smoking in Your Car: 9 Reasons Vape is Better


It’s a common argument: should you vape or smoke in your car? Here are 9 reasons why you should be vaping vs smoking in your ride. Click here to learn more.

37.8 million adults in the United States smoke cigarettes. But the never ending question is, should you smoke in your car?

Arguments range from the harm of second-hand smoke to whether or not it’s ethical to throw a cigarette butt out your window. But those arguments can come to end when you consider vaping vs. smoking.

Vaping is a popular new way to intake nicotine without the same effects of smoking cigarettes. If you don’t want to give up smoking on your drive, here are 9 reasons to consider vaping instead.

1. The Smell

Let’s face it, smoking in your car leaves a terrible smell. One that never leaves.

When you make the switch from cigarette to e-cig you eliminate that stale smell from permeating your seats. Plus e-cigs, like Juul, have a variety of different flavors that actually smell good!

The issue with cigarette smoke is it lingers and soaks into the fabric of your seats. Vape smoke does not have that effect and dissipates shortly after.

Once you quit smoking, your sense of smell will also improve– this means you’ll be able to enjoy the drive more as you pass fresh-cut grass or burning leaves.

2. No Tar Residue

Do you see that sticky residue on your dashboard? Are your windows tinted yellow?

That residue is tar and other various chemicals from your cigarette. It can be difficult to remove and leaves your entire car coated.

If you want to avoid constant cleaning, vaping is a great way to eliminate that tar. Unlike cigarettes, which are combustible, vaping uses an electric coil to heat the liquid to a temperature where it turns into a vapor.

This vapor does not contain tar, tobacco, or other ingredients that cigarettes have. This means the vapor won’t leave a film on your car’s surface.

3. Less Waste

Cigarette boxes, lighters, butts, plastic wrapping. All of these waste items get thrown on the floor or in the backseat.

Reduce the amount of trash in your car and use a vape pen! All you’ll need is your pen and maybe a charger and liquid refill. Plus, you won’t be a litterbug with the need to throw your cigarette butt out of the window!

You’ll be able to set down your vape pen anywhere, whereas, you would need an ashtray for cigarettes. This is aesthetically unpleasant for your passengers and makes your car smell more.

4. Passenger Courtesy

Be courteous to your passenger and don’t smoke in the car.

Secondhand smoke is just as harmful as smoking itself. One of the benefits of vaping vs. smoking is you’ll reduce the harm for your passengers as well as yourself.

Secondhand smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals– 70 of which are known to cause cancer. This means you not only put yourself at risk when you smoke in your car but also the passenger with you.

This includes pets! When pets are around secondhand smoke a lot, they too can develop cancer and other health issues.

5. Reduce Risk of Cancer

When you switch from cigarettes to vaping you reduce your chances of cancer.

When you smoke in your car, regardless of ventilation, you expose yourself to the many chemicals in cigarettes, you expose yourself to secondhand smoke, and smoke that lingers when your windows are rolled up.

While cigarettes and vape juice have harmful chemicals in common, the number of chemicals when you vape is reduced drastically. One thing to keep in mind is that no matter if you vape or smoke– you intake harmful chemicals that are known to be cancer-causing.

6. Keep the Windows Up

When you use a vape you’ll be able to keep your windows rolled up! No more freezing snow, rainfall, and waves of heat while you smoke.

Because of the chemical makeup of vaping, you won’t have to roll your windows down. The vapor left behind won’t contribute to other factors like stained glass or a lingering smell.

7. Don’t Start the Fire

Accidents are bound to happen– ash residue and burn marks are permanent accidents your car will have when you smoke inside.

When you drop your cigarette, and it will happen, that damage stays and costs a fortune to fix. If you swap your cigarette for a vape, you won’t have to worry about burn marks or ashes any more!

8. Vaping vs. Smoking Cost

The cost of vaping is lower than the cost of smoking.

On average, someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day will spend over $2,000 a year. If you were to replace that pack with a refillable e-cig you’d drop the cost to somewhere between $500-600.

With that amount of savings you could:

  • Repaint your car
  • Get new tires
  • Do a more-than-basic maintenance visit
  • Install a new stereo system

Treat your car and find out why vaping is better than cigarettes.

9. Arrive Looking Great

When you reach your destination you’ll look and smell great!

If you’re a car smoker, you’ll notice your hair is a little disheveled with the windows rolled down. The cigarette smoke and smell lingers in your hair and on your clothes.

Vaping eliminates those embarrassing hassles that come with smoking in your car.

Switch Gears

If you’ve always smoked in your car, maybe it’s time to switch gears.

Consider the benefits of vaping vs. smoking. While you may want to continue to smoke outside, vaping is great for the car and household.

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