Value of Property: What Makes Home Property Value Increase


According to Fortune, the global real estate value was about $217 trillion as of 2016. Many things impact the value of property. Whether you are eager to sell or buy property, many things determine how worth it is.

This article looks into both internal and external factors that increase the value or property.

Internal Factors That Make Value of Home Property Increase

What can increase the value of the property? Certain elements are sure-fire ways of boosting the value of the property. Below are some of the smart developments that can upsurge the price of your property;

1. Upgraded Kitchens

If there is one area that homebuyers value a lot, it’s the kitchen. A great, modern kitchen makes a home worth much more. A home with a modern, upgraded kitchen more bucks than those that don’t have.

From the countertops and sinks to the utensils, there are many ways in which add value. If you are improving to cash it out, avoid complete overhauls. Instead, focus on making significant improvements that won’t cost you a fortune.

Complete overhauls tend to be very expensive unless you are planning to stay for a more extended period. Focus on the small details that matter, and you will be surprised how impressive it turns out.

2. Hygienic Bathroom

Are your bathroom niceties in place? One of the surest ways to raise the value of your property is to work on the bathroom. Almost every homeowner wants a crisp and refreshing bathroom.

The faucets, sinks, mirrors, and bathtubs are some of the things you should consider working on. A bathroom needs to be hygienic and fresh looking. A poorly done bathroom can be a turnoff to potential buyers and even you.

Below are ways you can improve a home bathroom;

  • Adding showers
  • Replacing old, stained sanitary ware
  • Renovating the flooring part
  • Adding mirrors on the walls
  • Replacing odd faucets
  • Adding and extractor fan for maximum ventilation

A combination of these processes will make a bathroom look worthier.

3. Having Better Electrics in Place

Replacing old and outdated electrics at your home makes the property value increase. From the wall sockets to the overhead lighting, updating the electrical components adds value.

Majority of homes haven’t had electric compounds done on for years. You can improve this by working on a better, ultramodern electrical system through a tenant improvement service.

Replace the fuse box, sockets, bulbs, and even cables. You can consider rewiring to update lighting and any other fault systems.

4. Improved Flooring

Having refurbished flooring is ideal for making your home worth much more. Quality flooring makes the home attractive and beautiful as well. Whether it is made of hardwood or tiles, you can make the home look worth every coin invested in it.

A home with old and worn-out flooring material can make you lose a lot when making a sell. To avoid this, you can work on replacing the worn out flooring material. If you have worn out vinyl or carpet flooring, you can replace it with a tasteful laminate, hardwood, or tile.

5. Improved Architectural Details

Homes with improved architecture are worth more than those that don’t have. With a modern, renovated structure, you can make your home increase value.

One of the most proven ways to improve the value of the property is by working on any structural problems. Many homes, especially those that were made a while back, have some structural problems.

You can improve the visual aspect by on the roofing and exterior wall. These two details matter a lot during home valuation. You can alter the roofing structure and redo the walls to make it pricier.

6. Energy-Efficient Solutions

Homes that lack basic insulations are valued lesser than those that have. Homebuyers prefer homes with functional energy insulations because they don’t cost much.

Updating the home to save energy makes it more appealing and likable. With energy efficient insulation, you can save as much as $2500 annually. The cost of insulation is low and can cost less than $200. However, you might consider investing a bit more, so you can cover the insulation of any objects you might have in your yard. This might include a small warehouse or even barn insulation that will increase the value of your property as a whole.

Besides, sealing cracks and leaks in the home helps a lot in saving energy, especially during the winter. Having all energy solutions in place will make homebuyers spend more when purchasing your property.

External Factors That Increase Value of Property

There are some natural determinants of the value of your property. You can’t have control over them and occur naturally. You may want to work with an appraiser to understand more about these factors. They include:

1. Location

Where your home is located matters a lot. Homes situated along roadways and favorable facilities make an increase in value faster than those in the countryside. Generally, many people like staying near the facilities.

Homes near shopping facilities, schools, entertainment joints, and historical details keep increasing in value. As many people look forward to staying in such places, the demand housing keeps changing.

2. Property Market Drivers

Market drivers are those developments and infrastructures that influence the convenience and desirability of living there. Below are some of the market drivers that increase the value of property:

  • New infrastructure projects that boost the quality of life
  • Construction of shopping facilities
  • Better regulations that have a direct impact on the home
  • Closer proximity to social amenities

Any of the above market drivers improve the value of your property significantly. They are some of the key drivers to a robust real estate industry.

3. Demand and Supply for Housing

One of the critical determinants of the value of the property is its demand and supply. The value of property many goes up when there is high demand or less supply. When there is a more, people have to spend more to acquire the available ones.

The same concept applies when there is high demand. Homeowners usually up to the value of property to get better deals. Some do it intentionally to keep off potential homebuyers.

Naturally, demand and supply are market forces that you can’t have control of.

The Bottom Line

The above are some of the things that increase the value of property. A home that meets the above threshold has a higher value than one which does not. The value of any home is a combination of different elements some which you can alter and others you can’t.

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