Using an iPhone? Here Are 8 Video Editing Apps That You Must Download

Impactful video editors

iPhones are now becoming capable of doing heavy invasive tasks with impactful video editors available. Along with this, the 4k camera helps us to shoot amazing videos, even films. Therefore, you can not only shoot videos but exit them as well.

The execution prowess of intel chips that we use on our laptops consists of bionic chips of Apple A13 in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. It is now easy to shoot and edit videos. You can even publish it on your mobile phone.

Here, we have enlisted the eight best video editing apps for your iPhone.


If you are looking for a video editing application, there is nothing better than LumaFashion as it is filled with amazing features. The only paid software on the list is worth each penny. Various mobile journalists, professional and impactful video editors, and YouTubers use this application to avoid heavy camera materials and editing rigs wherever they travel.

The user interface of the application attracts every user. It has no ads popping up, making it annoying to work with video edits. You can not only edit videos in portraits but also landscape mode. Moreover, you can easily do so without any complications. It also consists of six different audio track music, sound effects, and more. It is available in the app store only at $29.99.


One of the products of macOS and iOS, iMovie, is another best video editing application for iPhone. Although you can afford to use heavy software to edit videos on your macOS, iMovie is perfect to use for mobile phones. Some new generation iPhones contain an application that helps the users to make amazing videos.

If you are looking for high-quality video edits, this app is perfect as it helps you import your recorded videos into projects for better edits. You can slice your videos and add basic transitions to your video around the timeline. The drag and drop option around the screen makes it easy for you to edit videos. Adding themes and filters to the project is also easy with this free app.


VideoCreek is one powerful and impactful video editors for Apple phone users. The application helps you to download clips directly or import them from the camera. You can add text, narration, merge various clips in your videos. The transition between clips and adding tilt shifts is perfect for trying on your iPhone.

You can try a lot of features on your videos with the powerful tool. You can finally compile the video by adding images, text, and filters to the video along with author names, titles, and more. You can easily share your videos on YouTube, Instagram, and many others. It is a free application that you can easily download from the app store.


Splice is introduced by GoPro, the best action camera. Easily import your videos and. Images to the application to edit them and make a movie. You can easily make your edits work by the videos and mark important parts. If you wish to add music, you can refer to the highlights you already marked.

Crop, add text and affect your video. Mark the highlights and change the transition between them. Finally, when you are done editing, you can share it with links or directly to various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Easily save the videos to your gallery. It is a powerful application that is best for Apple phones.

InShot Video Editor

One of the easy video editors of the iPhone is the hot Video Editor. It consists of multiple features and enables you to edit videos, images, make collages, and more.

When you check out the editing abilities, you will find various features like delete, trim, cut, merge, adjust, and various more. There is various in-built free music available for you, or you can download your favorite music. Square video edits are also available in the video editor, which makes it perfect for Instagram users.

It is a perfect application for over-layering sounds and managing effects. Emojis, filters, color effects, transitions, and effects are all supportive of the application. At times, it is necessary to flip a video or rotate it. You can easily do it with the Inshot Video Editor.

It is one of the best free video editing applications, but sometimes it’s annoying because of the advertisements.


Developed by Video, the cameo is one of the best online video editor software for iPhones. It consists of basic video editing features and works perfectly with a simple user interface.

A few basic editing on your video can be nicely done with the application. Adding music, trimming videos, themes are some of the basic editing functions.

When you are done editing your videos, you can share it on Vimeo or save it in your gallery. You can export up to 4K resolution videos from this application.


One of the online video editor applications of the iPhone is the Quik application offered by GoPro. With just a few clicks, you can easily create stunning videos that contain the import and export of photos and videos from the phone gallery. You can also share it on your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

Add the highlights to your video from the application and edit videos in cinema references and square. There are several filters present for you to choose from, and add a title to your video.

KineMaster Video Editor

One of the most popular and best online video editor applications is KineMaster. The application is easy to use and perfect for beginners to make high-quality videos. Landscape, portrait, and square formats are available for edits. It doesn’t show ads, which makes it easy to use and less annoying.

You can add more than one video and music tracks to your video. You can add graphics, fonts, and other stickers to enhance your film. Speed control, time-lapse, audio ducking are some of the basic features available in KineMaster.






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