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Today we are going to show you some tips on how to give your Instagram profile style. And with that, we don’t just mean the individual posts. We will also talk about the different kinds of layouts you can give your Instagram profile. When you visit  you will find out more about Instagram services. They can help you become popular! And these tips can help you make your profile more attractive.

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Brightness is one of the ways to attract the attention of visitors to your account. Bright colors are perfect if you want to show fun, immediacy, and youth. As an excellent example of inspiration, the Tara Whitman Channel (@taramilktea).

She now has over 1,000,000 subscribers and has managed to turn her love of photography into a career. What’s her secret? Her posts are bold and vivid photos of various parts of the world.


At the moment, this trend is not so popular on Instagram. However, it looks always stylish, so your account will definitely stand out. Monochrome is ideal for brands with a well-known personality. If a black and white style is chosen, it will highlight the details in the photos.

An example of a similar theme is the 555design account (@555design).


Many Instagram users love themed channels with a pastel palette. And there is no reason not to like them. Pastel theme will decorate your profile and make your heart beat faster. Also, such posts are usually minimalist, which, coupled with the brightness, will correctly cope with the image feed.

Matt Crump (@mattcrump) with neon pastel is one of the best examples of this style. The aesthetics of this account is called “candy minimalism.” And thanks to this style, her profile collected many followers.

Choose primary colors

One of the ways to highlight your profile among others is to choose the critical colors of your publications.

It is necessary to keep Instagram so that each photo contains 1 or 2 primary colors. This can be difficult to accomplish. Especially if your pictures are always different. However, the use of unique color filters can help you. If you only use two colors for your Instagram, it can get complicated, so there is no reason to worry. Color-themed posts can be created using special tools. For example, with applications such as PicsArt and VSCO, you can experiment with color overlay. They can also replace some colors in the photo.

The @pantone account is a real “color” authority and a great example for inspiration.

Their publications correspond to the color of the year. In 2018, the primary color of the brand announced ultraviolet. As a result, all their posts adhere to this shade.

Blogger @ellesenparlent regularly uploads photos in orange or pink tones. It is simple and does not require much effort. However, it makes her publications recognizable. And it enhances the visual appeal of her entire profile.

Emphasize Your Individuality

Another way to improve the look of your account is to stick to a particular external image. Identity. Identify the qualities and characteristics that characterize you as a person or brand. Determine the character of your brand and post pictures that match your personality.

You can also think about the unique attributes and items that will represent the brand. For example, the Kate Spade brand described the girl Kate Spade as easy-going, curious, playful and energetic. She is a free person who loves adventure. So everything that publishes a person or a brand in its Instagram (@katespadeny) corresponds to these characteristics.

Among her publications, you can often see inspirational quotes, photos of girls and fashion collections. In general, all her posts are a reflection of a bright fancy style.

So think about the identity of you or your brand.

You can even arrange a brainstorm on how to make your account more visible.

Experiment with the post layout grid

Now we’ll give you visual examples of how others Instagram. Most account holders on Instagram ignore this. But for aesthetics-oriented users, grid layouts are one of the critical steps on the road to beauty.

Here is a list of grid organization ideas that really highlight your profile:


This layout is one of the most difficult to achieve. It breaks one image into several. After that, each separate part of the picture is posted to recreate a larger version. An example is the account @thejanabishop. The girl publishes simple, warm and unique photos.

What is great about her profile is that each individual photo is linked to others. Therefore, the page is interesting to scroll down – to see how the different images are combined with each other.


If you have chosen several primary colors for your profile, you can use this scheme. As a rule, when scrolling down one shade are gradually replaced by others.

One of the best examples of such a grid in action is @thecheerfulchica. Every 9 photos have about one shade. The next few images are a brighter shade. When you scroll down, each new block becomes slightly lighter. So, red can smoothly turn into pink.

This type also requires some effort. After all, you will need to pick up the images for each of the blocks – 3, 6 or 9 photos. This means that the filters that you will use can also change. With the primary colors, you need to decide in advance.


This grid is also quite interesting. A chessboard is when all photos have a similar background or color scheme. Some alternate light and dark images. Others other regular pictures with quotes. An example of a grid in the form of a chessboard is @cerebralmist. Here, bright photographs alternate with quotations against a black background.

Vertical line

One of the best ideas of the grid can be called the topic of vertical lines. The trick is to isolate the middle block of images. For example, make it brighter. You can also publish quotes on it. You can even associate extreme pictures with each other and with quotes in the middle.

In this case, the viewer’s attention goes by itself to the middle of the tape. Also, this approach encourages scrolling down the page.

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