Top 7 World’s Most Magnificent Underwater Hotels

underwater hotel

Underwater hotels are one of the most amazing places to go out to for having a fun time. Those who are fond of sea life and want to explore the magnificent water species should either visit an artificial lake or aquarium, or visit a nearby river. What if we told you that you can now explore the splendid underwater species from less than one hand distance, doesn’t that sound amazing? It definitely will be.

So here are the 7 of most magnificent underwater hotels from all over the world.

1. Lovers Deep (Caribbean)

underwater hotel

Lovers Deep is a fancy underwater hotel. This amazing hotel takes lavishness to another level. Located right off the coast of a gorgeous Caribbean island, it is a perfect place for a romantic getaway for couples who yearn for to have a clandestine night together beneath the mesmerizing ocean waves.

2. Atlantis, The Palm (Dubai)

underwater hotel

The underwater hotel at Atlantis, The Palm is just perfect for the king of the sea. This is the most romantic and intimate hotel anyone can dream of…… as long as you are ok with having sharks around. Just picture you are in bed while watching marine life in your Ambassador Lagoon. Both the bathroom and the bedroom have ceiling to floor windows, so that the guests can take pleasure in the views.

3. Jules Undersea Lodge (Florida)

underwater hotel

Jules underwater hotel is a much celebrated place for sea life lovers. The underwater hotel was named after a famous maritime author named Jules. It was built in early 1970. In the present day the undersea lodge has become a ground-breaking underwater experience in itself. Many celebrities often come and have a gala time at this underwater hotel. The ex-president of Canada had named Jules’ Undersea Lodge an “attractive resident point” for the visitors. This underwater hotel is positioned around 20 feet below water.

4. Subsix at Niyama (Maldives)

underwater hotel

What could be better than a good party followed by a good meal? The Subsix is a part of the lush and plush Niyama resort. It is an underwater club where people can dance, relax and enjoy luxurious cocktails while watching the depths of Indian Ocean. Visit this incredible hotel to enjoy a wonderful dance under the waves you’ll never experience anything more cool than this!

5. Utter Inn (Sweden)

underwater hotel

The grand beauty of Utter Inn will you go fanatical about it. It is not just an underwater hotel where you can stay and at the same time explore the water species, but it is also a lavish suburban point with stunning rooms as well as honeymoon suites. Utter Inn was built in Sweden, in the year 2000 by Mikael Genberg. The hotel comes with an amazing dining area, ultra comfortable bedrooms, and a large swimming pool for their guests

6. Conrad Maldives Rangali (Maldives)

underwater hotel

The lavish Hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali does not exactly have an underwater room; however you can still feast in style underwater and without the need to put on a diving suit. The Ithaa Undersea restaurant of this hotel is situated 16 feet below the sea level and the guests can enjoy a good mix of Western and Maldivian cuisine at the restaurant while they look up to view the beautiful marine and reef life.

7. Lime Spa, Huvafen Fushi (Maldives)

underwater hotel

The Lime Spa resort is the first underwater treatment place in the world. Here you can enjoy a sensual and sensorial treatment at the same time as looking at the gorgeous sea life of the Indian Ocean. If this place and the treatments seem a bit too heavy on your pocket then you can perhaps, try their Lime Light Ritual, it’s a 180 minute treatment which embraces the spirit of the Maldives with original island lime, coconut and mineral offerings, and subsequently an awakening massage, some say that in the relaxation pod they got the best views of the entire lagoon.


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