Types Of Jackpot Slots and Their Function

Slot machines are simple games that anyone can play. However, just because they are easy to understand, doesn’t mean that they are boring.

You can scroll through slot machines online for hours seeing multiple different types of games to choose from. Here we will explain the different types of jackpots and other variants in these games.

Two Different Formats Of Slots

We have mentioned one already, but there are two main formats for slot machines. They are online slots and physical slots.

Online Slots

Online slot machines can be played on your phone, on your laptop, or anywhere with an internet connection. They tend to have a large variety of games to choose from with no waiting times and online chat rooms to talk to other happy gamblers.

Physical Slots

Physical slots are found in casinos, clubs, or adult-only venues. Depending on how big the slot area is, you might see just one machine or a whole array. Either way, the choices are more restricted.

However, unlike online slots, physical games come with the atmosphere of the casino.

Four Types Of Jackpot Slots

Jackpots are the big prize money that flashes on your screen.

Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpots are the total specific amount you might win when you play the game. This figure doesn’t change no matter how many times you bet or how big the wager is.

This means you could win the jackpot twice in a row, and both times you would receive the same large sum.

Progressive Jackpots

Unlike fixed jackpots, progressive ones will grow the pot of money until someone wins. It works like a rollover, meaning if you lose one game, the jackpot will get bigger as it waits for someone to win.

This means if you win twice in a row, the first jackpot may be large, but the second one will be tiny as nothing had been accumulated 

Multiple Jackpots

Because the likelihood of winning the big jackpot is small, some games entice players by offering multiple little jackpots instead of one large one. 

For example, if the game is set in Ancient Greece, these jackpots could represent the gods you collect. When one god is collected, a small jackpot is released along with a cutscene encouraging you to continue on your quest.

Network Jackpots

Network jackpots tend to be very large. They get their name as the game is shared among multiple casinos (either online or physical). This means you could be playing in one state but someone from another gets the jackpot before you do.

These are normally progressive jackpots as the pool increases with every failed wager. However, they can take any form.

When playing these games, make sure to read the fine print as mixing multiple casinos may end up putting you in line with rules you aren’t used to. For example, the inability to win while using a free spin.

Seven Types Of Slot Mechanics

With the jackpots understood, it’s time to explain a little more about the different types of machines or systems you could be playing on.

Straight Multiplier Slots

These machines allow you to double your winnings if you add in an extra coin to your wager. Some will allow you to add in multiple coins to create the total winnings, but there is normally a limit to how much you can multiply the earnings by.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

Instead of doubling your winnings, these systems only allow you to make a multiplier wager once you hit a certain point in the game. The multiplier is then given to you as a bonus option which you can use or ignore.

Megaspin Slots

Megaspins act like a bonus as they allow you to spin the slots more than once. Depending on the game they might also include multiplier megaspins, a bonus feature, or a payment feature to unlock the ability. 

The free spins will give you a higher likelihood of winning the jackpot, which makes them a fan favorite in the slot world.

Megaways Slots

Megaways slots are unique. They can change the size of the symbols on a reel in between each spin. This means the reel could have just 2 symbols to contend with, or they could have 7.

This adds in another layer of randomness for players to battle, as the combinations needed to win can reach up to 117,649 to 1. 

Megaways slots tend to have bigger jackpots due to this feature.

Cascading Reels Slots

You can often see cascading reels presented in fun animation such as an avalanche or a tidal wave. 

Think about the 80s game of Tetris. When a line is completed, it is removed allowing blocks to fall down and fill in their place. If you play the game well, this could allow more lines to be completed racking up more points and allowing more blocks to fall.

Cascading reels work in the same way. It removes the wins you have already received from the grid, allowing you to possibly win multiple times in one spin.

Cluster Slots

Cluster slots are similar to cascading reels, as they are a grid instead of a line. When you get a combination on the grid, that’s a win. However, unlike cascading reels the winning combination isn’t removed. Instead, you want the cluster to grow, adding more money to the pot with every expansion.

Combination Slots

Combination slots will use any of the mechanics we have already mentioned (including jackpots) and will disperse the ability to use these systems throughout the game. They normally add strategy to a game by getting you to consider which bonus or ability to go for first.


Although slots all work using the same randomized mechanics, these different features and types of jackpot slots can show you just how varied they can be. 

Understanding these different mechanics can help you narrow down the type of game you want to play. Mostly, do you want strategy or simple gameplay? Lots of little goals or one main jackpot?

Browse through them all.

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