Trucking Companies: Transportation of Your Goods Simplified

Often times, moving heavy and large loads requires the use of trucking companies. Whether one is moving their home across the country, or shipping goods for their business, various trucking companies are available to fulfill all needs.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance states that the trucking industry is worth $65 billion CAD in Canada. 2/3 of all freight between Canada and the US is moved by truck. This includes 80% of US trade to Canada.

In the US, the trucking industry is worth $255.5 billion USD and transports 70% of all freight.

Many trucking companies offer free quotes, making is easy to shop around and choose the perfect company for your needs.

Trucking Company Services

  • Truckload (TL)

    – This is the best option for larger loads, such as those over 15,000 pounds, and time-sensitive loads. TL dedicates the entire truck/trailer to one shipper.  This option is best for those who require their items shipped quickly.

  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)

    –This is the best option for smaller loads, such as those less than 15,000 pounds. The trailer or container is shared with multiple shippers to keep costs lower. This option is better for those not in a hurry.

  • Trans-Border

    –With increasing wait times at the border, it is important to partner with a company that uses the latest information technology to seamlessly ship goods.

  • Rail Intermodal

      Rail service is perfect for customers who do not require expedited service.

  • Temperature-Controlled

      The transportation of perishable and temperature-sensitive goods in often available in 48’ and 53’ heated or refrigerated trailers.

  • Dangerous Goods

      It is important to find a company that complies with all legislative requirements and industry standards for the transportation of hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

  • Expedited Services

      This option works best for those who need their goods delivered quickly.

  • Long Haul or Short Haul

      Many trucking companies offer various options for long haul or short haul services.

Trucking Company Additional Services

Many of today’s trucking companies are a one-stop-shop for all one’s logistical needs. In addition to transportation, many trucking company also offer a variety of warehousing and distribution options. Cross-docking allows for the transportation of goods from one trailer to another or one warehouse to temporary storage, before being put onto another trailer.


Truck Types

Trucking companies use various types of trucks to deliver your goods safely and securely.

  • Straight Trucks – These are also known as cube trucks/vans and are perfect for furniture and home moves, as well as hot shot services.
  • Dry Van Trailers – These are enclosed trailers, perfect for protecting your load from outside elements.
  • Flatbed Trailers – These are one of the most versatile trucks and most widely used in the trucking industry.
  • Refrigerated Trailers – These temperature-controlled units are also known as Reefer Trailers.
  • Specialized Trailers – These are perfect for specific transportation needs, such as dangerous goods.

Factors that Affect Shipping Cost

A variety of factors affect shipping cost.

  • Delivery Time – Shipping costs can be kept lower, if one does not choose the expedited or guaranteed shipping options.
  • Destination Specifications – Where the items need to be delivered can increase the cost of shipping. For example, examples of higher cost areas include farms and construction sites.
  • Freight Class – The actual freight class determines the cost of shipping. The higher the freight class, the more expensive the shipping cost.  18 freight classes exist, each determining the freight’s density, storability, handling, and liability.

A handy Density Calculator is available for those curious about their freight class.

Factors in Choosing a Trucking Company

When choosing a trucking company, the process can be simplified by asking a few simple questions.

  • What services are provided? Will it be short haul or long haul?
  • Do you need to cross the border?
  • Do you prefer a small company, or a large, international corporation?
  • Do you need expedited service or do you have plenty of time to spare?
  • What is the company’s safety record? 
  • Do additional services, such as cross-docking, warehousing, or distribution need to be considered?

How to Choose the Perfect Trucking Company

Choosing a trucking company may be overwhelming at first with all the various choices, however, various websites can greatly simplify the process.

The Better Business Bureau is available all over North America, in Canada, the US, and Mexico, where readers can easily search by company name or location and read reviews of the company’s business practices.

In addition, old-fashioned word of mouth reviews can often be the best way to choose a company. Ask your neighbours, family members, and coworkers who they used for their big move or shipment.

Choosing the perfect trucking company can be difficult with the variety of available options, however, many offer free quotes and a great deal of information is available online, so choosing one is now easier than ever.

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