Traveling For Work in Bogota? Here Are Some Helpful Tips in Booking Apartment Rentals

Booking Apartment Rentals

When people hear corporate housing, they immediately think of something that’s for business travelers only but nothing can be further than the truth. It is actually a type of housing that offers fully-furnished Chico close to Parque 93 apartments for long-term stays.

While it used to cater only to traveling businessmen and often rented by corporations, it is now also catering to all kinds of travelers, especially those who need to stay in a certain place for more than just a few days.

It was initially designed as a housing option for company employees but over time, it also began to accommodate travelers, vacationers, students and those who need a short-term rental before moving into a new area.

While the rent maybe a little on the high side, this is because the units come fully-stocked with everything you need to be able to live comfortably. They often include parking and cleaning service and are usually located just a short distance from the central business district in Bogota.

There are also different types of corporate housing available. Local corporate housing, for example, caters to a small group of clients within a town or city. National corporate housing,  on the other hand, caters to a wider clientele within cities and states, particularly to those employed in the military or those with corporate contracts.

What people like most about these accommodations is the fact that they offer more space and more privacy.

It also saves companies from having to book their employees in hotels where exorbitant, per-day rates are charged as opposed to paying a one-time rent that still lower and cheaper than hotel rates in the long run.

Plus, you also save on meals because you can eat in instead of eating out because these houses come with their own fully-equipped kitchens.

As far as how much it costs, this will depend on a few things: your location, your length of stay and the number of bedrooms you require. The rule of thumb is the closer it is to the city, the higher the rates and the more bedrooms you need, the higher you’ll have to pay as well.

Corporate apartments also offer daily, weekly and monthly rates, with the price decreasing the longer you stay.

Going online means you will also encounter websites that take care of the booking and will show photos of the actual apartments available for rental. You may also be able to contact their customer service department 24/7 via email or via the listed contact numbers.

Before you book, however, make sure you’ve done the proper research regarding the neighborhood, its proximity to schools, malls, and grocery stores and its safety.

Make sure you also do a background check of the rental company by calling Colombia’s tourism office to make sure you are dealing with people you can trust.

And lastly, there are also people who rent out their own homes, fully-furnished for corporate travelers and the like so you can search online as well for those who are willing to let you rent their homes for a time.


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