Top Reason Why Memes are Never Going to Get Outdated


So, what is a meme and, from where does it originates? The word ‘meme’ was coined from the book “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins. He gave the idea of memes being a cultural parroting or replica of behaviors, ideologies, information in a way, which keeps on echoing, like gene-carrying information. Let’s see top reasons why Memes are never going to get outdated.

Today, several websites like meme scout provide meme content, whether be it be funny, motivational, political, inspiring, and everything you can think of! So, making trending topics as relatable and imitating as possible using social media is meme-making. Evolving as a gene, its addiction, curiosity among the people has led to its never-ending phase! Humans have easy access to their smartphones irrespective of age. Now people are in a constant need to feel updated, and what could be a better source than memes? Nowadays, memes are the best way to spread information, rumors, and agendas. We as a society are now enjoying it and making it a part of our daily routine.

Some reasons that state that meme is never going out of fashion are:

  • 80% of the content we see online are memes, and even videos are meme content now.
  • Many people who are not aware of an updated meme or cannot understand go for comprehensive research!
  • Talking to our friends and passing hidden jokes is one of the meme cultures, which leads to other people wanting to be socially updated.
  • Tagging friends in memes, replying, or reacting is one of the most commons deeds.
  • People who understand memes faster tend to treat themselves as having a better understanding and consider themselves smarter.
  • There are so many groups on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest that getting out of meme ideas is unlikely.
  • We develop likes and dislikes due to meme content and such posts!
  • We have started reacting to certain situations dues to memes we are frequently watching.
  • Even though we have news channels, print copies, nowadays, the quick post information is delivered by memes. 

Memes can never go outdated because it’s not just some funny content. Meme creator jobs are a new hot in the market, and it requires proper skills and creativity to connect people on different levels. It has become a strong power now! Today the world has come to a stage where the meme is part of life, and one can become famous and rich if their memes get viral, or memes have been made on them and luckily making them famous, maybe deserving too! Competition among pages on social media is quite common. From government agendas to trolling, from helping in covid to providing miscellaneous information, from filthy poor jokes to anonymous infotainment, memes have become an addiction and a part of daily life. There could be a better or bigger version of ‘meme,’ but the end is nowhere near.

Memes are like fashion and have the power to change a social culture! It changes, involves, adapts, reacts according to the maker. It carries certain ideologies that affect the audience on a larger scale, using video, images, text, and never-ending imitation.


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