Top Online Gaming Technologies That Are Set To Become a Reality By 2020

The world of online gaming is constantly undergoing a lot of changes. The days for bad pixel games are over. Nowadays, games being played have outstanding sound quality and real-life graphics. Here are the top online gaming technologies that are set to become a reality by 2020:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has literally changed the world of online gaming. ActiveWorld is one such game where players can create anything they can think of with hundreds of worlds, millions of objects and a friendly community where people can voice chat together.

Besides, with the advancements in VR headsets technology, players can imitate a real world gaming experience. Oculus Rift and Playstation VR are two such VR controlled headsets using which you can transform yourself in a 3D virtual environment which literally has no boundaries.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will play its role in the world of online gaming in the coming years. With the help of Cloud Computing, players would be able to play games even when they don’t have access to gaming consoles. People can try their luck over casino games like Blackjack or fight with their competitors over arcade games using internet.

Voice Controlled Gameplay

Voice controlled gameplay is not a new phenomenon but it has reached new heights in the coming years. Players can now use voice commands to control the game instead of just the search consoles. You have the option to go controller-free while playing your favorite online video games.

Not only voice, advancement in 3D camera technology can watch 22 different points in your hand meaning you can interact with the gaming console purely on the basis of hand gestures.


E-sports is a series of live video gaming events that are played both nationally and internationally where players can compete with each other and win tournaments online.

E-sports are constantly gaining popularity and are set to become a trend in 2019. It has become a rival for real sports because people are liking the fun of digital sports like never before.

Final Thoughts

All the above gaming technology trends are constantly rising in popularity and they are set to become the most sought-after gaming trends. People are loving online gaming due to advancement in technologies related to voice, graphics and gesture controlling devices. We can expect a lot more development in the world of online gaming in the coming year. Innovation is in progress for the lovers of online gaming.

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