Top 5 Cannabis Strains To Help You Relax After Work

cannabis strains for relaxation

While there are so many pleasures that come with life, most people are in constant stress. There are always deadlines to beat, projects to create, bosses to please, and hundreds of emails to reply to, among other hectic things. Yoga, biking, hiking, and medication can help relieve the stress of work and help you relax, but you can also take top cannabis strains to help you relax.

If you want to relax both body and mind, you can take relaxing weed. When you take the best weed for relaxing, it calms you down, soothes, and sedates you for deep sleep. Indicas give a calming and relaxing feel while sativas make you energetic and active. Read on to learn the best cannabis strain for sleep and relaxation after a long day at work.

Top Cannabis Strains for Relaxation

Tahoe OG Kush: Best Cannabis Strain For Sleep

Tahoe OG Kush is the best strain for muscle relaxation. The strain is one of the most popular strains. It features a lot of indica strain giving it a relaxing effect. To get the Tahoe OG Kush, different types of Kush strains were cross-pollinated including Lemon Thai, Chemdawg, and Pakistani Kush. With up to 75 percent indica genetics and only 19 percent THC levels, the strain will sedate you just enough to get your muscles relaxed without the excessive high of other strains.

The strong aroma of citrus, fine, and fruit will get you under just minutes after inhaling this strain, either with a vaporizer or a bong. This relaxing weed grows well both indoors and outdoors. The plant can grow up to 160cm and flowers in between seven and nine weeks.

Blackberry Kush: Best Strain For Muscle Relaxation

What makes Blackberry Kush the best cannabis strain for sleep is its THC dominant qualities – it has more THC content than other top cannabis strains. This way, it reduces rapid eye movement sleep significantly by relaxing your muscles and getting you into a deep sleep. It has a berry flavor that lets you sink into a new mindset without pains and aches from a stressful day.

Strawberry Cough

Unlike any other best weed for relaxing, Strawberry Cough is Sativa dominant with up to 80 percent Sativa. It sports an intense strawberry aroma and taste with a 26 percent THC content. Again, it produces a thick smoke that will make even the experienced stoners to cough.

The high THC content means that inexperienced users only need to take a few hits and are good to go. Again, the relaxing effects from this strain take time – after hitting your joint, take time, and wait for the results. You might feel dehydrated and with a dry mouth after taking this strain, so stay hydrated.

Mr. Nice

Mr. Nice draws its nice name from the biography of Howard Marks, Mr. Nice, who was an international marijuana trafficker. The strain is a cross between the Hash plant and G-13. Up to 80 percent of this relaxing weed is indica, making it relax your muscles greatly. Again, it has up to 19 percent THC.

The orchard, fruity aroma of this strain makes it sweet for users. You need to use it a few minutes before sleep lest you feel sleepy when you are still working. It is ideal if you suffer severe aches, pain, stress, and anxiety after a rough day at work.

Willy’s Wonder

If you need a mild form of the top cannabis strains, Willy’s Wonder has only 10 percent THC and only 5 percent CBD. The low THC content makes it ideal for beginners who only need a low dose to get started. If you use it in moderate amounts, you will get a high that will keep you focused and relaxed. At first, the strain gives you an uplifting feel, but later on, it becomes the best cannabis strain for sleep.

Although the THC content in Willy’s Wonder is low, the strain is so potent and can cause adverse effects when taken in high doses. Experienced stoners will not find any problem taking this strain as it takes them under in only a few minutes.

Relaxing with Weed: How To Avoid Pot Anxiety

Know Your Limits

If you are a beginner, start with very low doses and then progress as your tolerance increases. After some time, you will know the exact dosage that works for you. Tinctures, gummies, sprays, and flowers may not be easier to measure the dose. You can try edibles that show the right dosage. Smoking may not give you the right dosage. But if you prefer smoking still, read more details on different devices here.

Start With Low Doses

Even the best strain for muscle relaxation only works in the right dose. If you take a very high dose, you will damage the quality of sleep with time. By starting slow, you will get the dose that gives you enough high without the accompanying effect of anxiety. For a start, you do not need more than 2.5 milligrams. After taking cannabis, monitor how you feel and increase the dose gradually.

Take CBD If You Begin Feeling Anxious After Using THC-Heavy Strains

If THC makes you overly anxious, take a short break, and counteract that with CBD. The CBD dose you take will depend on the amount of THC you have taken over time. CBD makes you feel better after you have taken a high amount of THC.


Do you need the best relaxing weed? The above strains are the best, but there are many more, especially strains with high indica content. If you have a medical or mental condition, you need to talk to your physician. Even when you are feeling so tired, the relaxing effect of cannabis only comes when you take the right dose. Excess dosage over a long time might cause adverse side effects such as schizophrenia and reduced quality of sleep.

Should you take cannabis for relaxation every day? THC can be habit-forming especially when the content is higher than 20 percent. You need to take it in moderation observing signs such as anxiety and hallucination. After taking a small dose, wait for a while to feel the effects before taking another dose.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and should not be taken as legal or medical advice. The writer will not be liable for how you use the information. Consult a doctor before smoking weed or essential herbs and consider the state or federal laws of your country of residence.



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