Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends All Real Estate Agents Should Know

Change is constant, especially in the digital world. Every industry needs to comply with these changes to survive, including the real estate industry. To keep their business afloat, all virtual real estate companies should keep up with the newest marketing trends. It will help them stand out against the tough competition in the market. It can also allow real estate agents to practice their creativity when launching their marketing campaigns. To give you more ideas about how to emerge out of the sea of real estate agents in the market, here are the top 3 digital trends that may dominate the real estate market. 

High-Quality Videos

Nowadays, agents are sharing high-quality real estate videos as part of their marketing campaign. These real estate agents are even getting more creative with their video content. Some presents tour-style videos to highlight the best features of the property. Others also use drones to provide a bird’s eye view of the entire area that they intend to sell. These videos will help buyers decide if they want to see the actual property in person.  

Based on surveys, 26 % of all real estate agents use drones to create videos to show off their property listings. On the other hand, 18 % answered that they include drone videos in their future. Also, 36 % of home buyers reportedly visit video sites online while looking for a property to buy. For this reason, using high-quality real estate videos should be part of your marketing materials.

Automated Business Cards

All real estate agents need their business cards as part of their marketing tools. They usually hand it out to new people they meet who can become their prospects. But designing business cards may become a tedious job, especially for virtual real estate companies that have plenty of agents. To make things easier, you may want to contact a third-party supplier which can do business card automation. With minor edits, you can instantly create new cards for different people. 

Effective Online Branding

Fortifying the digital presence of your business is essential as technology begins to advance. If you know how to promote yourself online through your branding, you may get the guarantee to entertain as many clients as you can. You may use different online platforms like property listing websites or other agencies as an essential marketing tool. 

If you still need some more inspiration to encourage you to enhance your online branding, a recent study revealed that real-estate searches in Google increased by 253 % between 2008 to 2012. Another study claimed that 97% of business owners believe that online reputation management is essential. It means that you can easily get a new client event without lifting a finger, as long as your real estate business has a strong presence online.

By following these digital marketing trends, you can increase the online presence of your real estate business in 2020. These marketing assignment help tools can help you compete with all the other companies that aim to sell more homes and other properties this year. It will also allow you to gain the trust of your clients since you are confident to put your name and business online. 


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