Top 10 Ways to Make an Outdated Home Look New Again

Top 10 Ways to Make an Outdated Home Look New Again

You know that feeling when old age kicks in, and you are no longer enthusiastic about having a decorated home? Home improvements are among the ways that you can replenish the life back in your home. It’s estimated that the decorating market has an investment of $65.2 billion annually.

There is a possibility of creating a whole new appearance to an outdated home by adding modern finishes, lighting, and furniture.

You don’t have to consider a professional interior designer to bring comfort to your own home. Although it would be quite helpful to consult one, the will to improving the look and adding your creativity to look is enough to bring back the feel of a home.

However, before considering shopping for new items, here are the top 10 ways to make an outdated home look new again.

1. Refresh Old Wood Floors

If you are looking to bring back a new look to your home, you might want to start with your floors. Your wood floors don’t have to be refinished, but you can better their outlook. It’s vital to consider the type of wood used as a finishing for your levels to determine what to use to refresh them.

A solution of white vinegar and water best applies for levels with a polyurethane finish, but you will need to need to avoid getting the floors too wet. It’s advisable to use a slightly damp mop after which you immediately need to wipe dry.

2. Wall-to-Wall Cleaning

Regular cleaning through vacuuming can only do justice to your home if regularly and meticulously done. Having a steam cleaner by buying or renting can help clean deep. It would be advisable to wait for a sunny day to allow the floors to dry up quickly and as complete as possible.

3. Care for Wood Counters

Scratches and hard stains can give you counters an old look regardless of clean you may have maintained them. You can remove these stains or deep scratches on the wooden counter by rubbing in oil that is food-grade with a soft rag. It would be best to adopt some maintenance habits to keep you tops spotless and looking new.

To prevent future damages, it would be best to use chopping boards to cut items and quickly wipe up spills to best maintain the color. Additionally, trivets could come in handy for placing hot things one.

4. Make Furniture Gleam

Nothing looks better than polished wooden furniture. If you don’t do it more often, I believe adopting this would be vital to changing how your house looks. The type of finish on your furniture is the guide to the equipment will help when polishing.

Having hardwood pieces would have you applying oil alone on the surface. Furthermore, you could consider applying in teak oil more often to maintain the look.

Finished wood pieces may look better by applying furniture paste or wax. But it would be diligent in reading instructions before using molding materials or any product.

5. Removing Scuff Marks and Touching up Paint

A day spent by touching, scrubbing and patching up paint would go a long way into bringing back that home look. Marks from dirty shoes or bags, tinny dings, and shedding paint could cause your house to look older than it is. Touching up the paint could give it that beautiful look that a new home has.

6. Cleaning Area Rags

Remember the first time you brought you flokatis or sheepskin home? I’m sure by now it has lost it unique look due to wear and tear, unlike the first time you brought it home. Most flokatis or sheepskins that are small and natural can be hand washed with mild soap and air dried.

You can use a dog brush to get that extra clean by shaking it out in between washing. Washing instructions would also come in handy to help maintain the texture of your rug.

7. Condition Leather

Having leather furniture in your house can add a stylish and expensive look that everyone wows. It can make a home look better when the furniture is a few years’ old and adequately cared. Leather conditioning a few times each year can help prevents cracks and drying out of the leather.

The essential maintenance tips can also apply like using a dry cloth to clean up spill ups as soon as they occur as they leisurely soak up any liquid.

8. Extreme Makeover

Not everyone likes to keep it simple and on a budget. In this case, you might want to sell your old furniture, bring in some new lighting and floors and change the colors in the house. While this gives the house an incredibly unique look, it will take time and money to achieve effectively. You will have to do an update to all areas by creating a fresh new look and decorating an old house.

Painting the walls, putting in some new wooden floors and changing the layout and look of your furniture will do the trick. This process may need you to contract a makeover company to get it right and at a cheaper cost.

9. Brighten Whites

Cleaning your interiors could brighten up the room. Slipcovers, curtains, and pillowcases could require changing or cleaning more often. If you find chlorine bleach on whites unsuitable, use a non-chlorine bleach instead.

10. Maintain Upholstery

The key to maintaining upholstery looking clean, new, and useful is regular maintenance. Mend small tears, clean up the living room, rotate the cushions, cleaning up spills, and vacuuming the fabric could lighten up your living room.

Refurbishing an Outdated Home

An ideal home is the one with a picture-perfect new look but maintains the old home charm. Indeed, a fresh build up is not anything close to your options.

Neither is the use of quality, but expensive building materials that many home builders would recommend, and this is why it’s advisable to do cheap home upgrades.

It’s therefore reliable to utilize these tips into making an outdated home retain its character even with a new feel.

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