Top 10 Risk Management Software for the Unfortunate Events in Your Business

Unsolicited events don’t knock on the door before happening, they just happen, period. Businesses mistakenly end up going down the route where they are not supposed to go and the next thing they know is an awry situation waiting to be resolved. Problems are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep yourself prepared for it. If you own a business, then you must never undermine the importance of risk management.

Risk Management in businesses is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling risks. Organizations spend an arm and a leg to manage and overcome potential threats. Sometimes they successfully make it through and sometimes they badly fail. 

If you are running an organization, the following are some top-notch risk management software that you can use to keep your company’s physical and intellectual assets well-guarded while staying in the budget.

Best Risk Management Software for Your Business


For businesses with an inclination towards extensive project planning, Resolver is the tool that can’t be missed. A resolver is a risk-management tool that is used by multiple businesses for carrying out audits, checking compliance and mitigating risks, effortlessly. Plus, Resolver includes features where it identifies potentially-threatening risks and analyses them. Also, this tool provides tons of ease by regularly running internal audits to ensure amenability. Resolver also checks up with the latest security standards and sends out real-time recovery reports, so organizations can have an overview of where they stand and how they’re performing. 


When organizations use risk management software, they look for the ones that provide better customizability. Speaking of which, is the one that checks all the boxes of customizability, efficiency, and effortlessness. With, businesses get a highly-customizable dashboard that can be very easily used from desktops, mobiles, and even tablets. Also, it lets you analyze the progress of your organization with visual representations of the statistics. Furthermore, this software lets you monitor potential risks, along with suggestions to overcome those risks, without any further loss. This software also lets you enhance the productivity of your team with its project management feature.


SAS is another risk management software that boasts of providing custom solutions to businesses belonging to various industries. SAS risk management software functions as a part of your own organization. How? Well, when organizations invest in SAS risk management software, what they have is a risk extenuating tool of their own. With SAS risk management software, companies can keep track of all of their business activities. Plus, with a customizable dashboard, SAS creates reports for each department in the organization. Also, SAS risk management software allows businesses to track risk mitigation on a real-time basis.


Then we have TimeCamp in the list, which is yet another tough contender. However, unlike the rest of its counterparts, TimeCamp is a handy tool rather than a typical risk management software. However, it doesn’t mean that this tool doesn’t provide prompt risk management assistance to businesses in distress; it does. TimeCamp uses fast internet to assist in financial and time management risk mitigations. Plus, it lets users know whether or not their businesses would be able to reach risk-resolving goals, on time.


nTask is an extremely easy-to-use risk mitigation software that helps you overcome risks in the most efficient way possible. nTask is packed with features that make risk management, literally a breeze. With its prompt insights, you can formulate a strategy to assess the risks your organization is going through and mitigate them with instant solutions.


Qualys is known for its state-of-the-art risk management and compliance support by many organizations that work day in and day out to maintain organizational security and risk aloofness. Qualys allows organizations to monitor real-time threats, so potential malware can be detected and instantly resolved. Plus, Qualys manages compliance so all of the regulatory requirements of your organization are well up-to-date.


Cura is a risk management software that lets organizations measure the impact of potential risks. How is this helpful, you wonder? Well, when you are aware of the damages that a potential risk would cause to your business, you would be able to come up with better solutions. With Cura, you can identify the threat beforehand and get people in the team to work on it. Plus, Cura assesses your performance towards the goals and keeps a track of it so you can be aware of how much your business has grown.  

8.Optial Risk Manager

Optial is another great tool for identifying and controlling risks, efficiently. This particular risk management tool allows you to track potential risks and helps you formulate strategies so the chances for risks to surface in the future can be mitigated. Also, it allows you to generate and share reports with shareholders.


Reciprocity is another risk management tool that boasts a simple interface and a ton of efficiency. With Reciprocity, you can control potential risks and threats, and get many features such as risk detection on a real-time basis, automated notifications, easy-to-use dashboard, and regulatory-based compliance tracking.


Integrum is renowned among organizations as one of the best risk-management software. This risk management platform is best for optimizing the performance of a business and keeping it safe from possible security breaches. Integrum has been trusted by thousands of businesses across the world, for its high mobility, effortless workflow management, risk management, and state-of-the-art reporting system.

Why Should Your Organization Use Risk Management Software?

Risk management software acts as a barrier between an organization and potential threats. Failing to manage risks can result in a non-compensable loss. Potential risks don’t see how weak or stable business is before they arise. Wells Fargo, a renowned international bank, suffered the biggest scandal in history. The matter was settled upon payment of $1 billion with the regulators that concluded the situation as a failure in risk management. This is mainly the reason why risk-management software plays a key role in subsiding any threats to a company and its reputation.

To help you understand better, we are jotting down the benefits of using risk management software that will keep your business and your organization far from the clenches of potentially damaging risks:

  • When organizations use risk-management software, they don’t get caught by surprise when a risk occurs. Risk-management software is vigilant and extremely smart at identifying threats.
  • With risk-management software, organizations can determine the intensity of the damage caused by threats. Plus, organizations can set goals as a means to keep the productivity of the team and the reputation of the organization, unhindered.
  • Risk-management software can give business owners a clear picture of the hierarchy they should follow to resolve a risky situation. For instance, if a risk is minimally threatening, then organizations can get it resolved with junior management only, instead of taking it up with higher management, wasting time and effort.
  • Lastly, risk management software can enable startups to formulate a strategy to overcome threats, even before they arise. Plus, it can allow organizations to stay vigilant, at all times.
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