Tony Garza Actor: Biography, Age, Height, and Much More

Tony Garza actor

Who says one cannot pursue their passion or hobby while having a different profession? Not always do passion and work-life on the same plane. Often they collide. A deft sailor perfectly sails through all ensuing storms to reach their destination. Such has been the story of Tony Garza actor. In this blog, you will know about Tony Garza Actor: Biography, Age, Height, and Much More.

He was previously a lawyer by profession but then kick-started his acting career well amidst his lawyer career. So, got intrigued, right? Hence, more details about the actor cum lawyer are written below.

Who is Tony Garza actor?

Born on 7th July 1959, Tony Garza is an American-Mexican model, actor, social media and television personality, and a successful entrepreneur living in Mexico City, located in Mexico. He acquired a popular name for himself when the country came to know about his superb acting skills.


Tony Garza belongs to an immigrant family of Mexico who migrated to the United States. His father is an owner of a local gasoline station. But, the rest of the details about his family, mainly his siblings and his parents, are found nowhere. It seems like he prefers not to reveal his private information. His father might be an entrepreneur, as seen in one of his Instagram posts. However, Garza posts several photographs of him and his mother. His mother is a full-time homemaker.


There have been many rumors and gossips around Garza’s possible girlfriend. Here also, he chose not to contribute to a buzz of gossip-bees. In the air, he has been in a dating relationship with someone exceptional in his heart, but who that possible woman is, we have no clue.


His Bachelor’ of Business Administration degree is from Austin’s Texas University. Tony Garza actor has a BBA degree. He graduated in the year 1980. He holds a doctorate in Jurisprudence which he received from Southern Methodist University School of Law in 1983. After this, he moved to Los Angeles and finished his degree in acting from Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Mexico.

Garza’s career in law

An admixture of various talents, we will now look at how he excelled in whatever field he laid his hands on. In his life as a professional lawyer, he held the post of Director in Texas Railroad Commission. Other posts of his official career include being a judge in the county, a senior policy advisor appointed to the governor, and Texas Secretary of State. He is now an attorney for the company White & Case LLP situated in Mexico City. He chairs the Vianovo Ventures. It is a firm of control consultancy. Its primary focus area is the business community in and across the border.

Garza has been a member of several boards associated with several companies. He is the director of Kansas City Southern and a chairman of Kansas City Southern de Mexico, a subsidiary company of the former and Moneygram.

Along with this, Garzaholds the post of Objective Director in a company dealing with deepwater drilling in Mexico named Groupo ODH. Simultaneously, Tony is also a fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors Governance and Board Leadership.

Garza’s career in acting

Tony Garza actor didn’t find his acting career embedded in a bed of roses. He wasn’t a product of nepotism, which means he wasn’t a star kid. He looks exactly like every other Mexican citizen with curly hairs, a muscular build, and not so tallish features. Thus, he didn’t have much choice but to fight to gain a foothold in their ruthless entertainment industry.

His acting career has been myriad. His most important breakthrough was when he acted in the 2017 TV series “Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio.” Here he played the role of Jose Trinidad Marin. After this he featured in “Milagros de Navidad”. The name of his character in this movie was Jimenez. He even acted in a sports film titled “FIFA Forever.” He played the role of Rafael in the movie. He even made his appearance in several other popular TV dramas. Along with that, various advertisements featured Tony Garza in their ad films. Many brands have also selected Tony Garza actor as their primary model.

Tony Garza net worth

Garza had hit the limelight with his famous appearance in Jenni Rivera. The net worth of Tony Garza actor had reached a reasonable amount. His net worth would be approximately around 7-8 million US dollars.

Some interesting facts about Tony Garza actor that you didn’t know:

  • Garza owns his own Instagram account, where he has around 144k followers (till February 2021).
  • Garza was awarded the title of Best Villain in Telemundo Fans TV.
  • He is a travel gig and posts several photos of his traveling adventures on his Instagram account.
  • He is a fan of hiking, surfing, rafting, and other adventure sports.
  • Several reality and TV shows have taken many interviews of Garza.
  • His first post on his Instagram account was on 7th February 2017, where he shared his selfie in the sea.
  • Tony is a fitness freak. His choice of adventure sports asserts that. He is also a great fan of meditation and yoga.
  • Garza loves animals.
  • Apart from acting and being a law professional, he also took part in a famous game show named El Domo Del Dinero.

Final thoughts

So here is your detailed Tony Garza wiki. What are you thinking? If you have a burning passion for acting, or any other activity other than your current profession, Garza can be your inspiration. Best of luck with exploring your hidden desires and talent!


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