Together Through Anything. Relationship Memes

Together we can get through anything… The subject of the relationship between a man and a woman is the most sophisticated problem in the whole history of humanity. Family and general relationships have long been the object of social and philosophical research because a person likes to measure everything and systematize, even things that are not measurable in principle. Since our life consists of an endless series of searches for a new partner, mostly belonging to the opposite sex, jokes, and memes about human relations will always appear. All lovers are equally happy when they are together, but unhappy in their own way. All couples dream of creating a strong family in which the love, harmony, and unity will reign. But in practice, this is not possible for everyone. Many of funny memes are created in the result of one’s tragic love and unsuccessfully ended relations.

Funny Memes about Relationships

The meme is the most compressed and most accessible form of humor, indirectly exploiting a sense of nostalgia. Obviously, relationship memes are doomed to be very popular due to social networks. People always preferred to be in a relationship with the opposite sex and then like to express their feelings about it, briefly and funny. Humoristic memes can represent different emotions and concentrated features of the really controversial relationship between people. Even if you are happy and your relationship is serious, you certainly need a sense of humor to keep love and to maintain relationship bonds fresh and strong.

Many funny relationship memes simply reflect the real life situations in which people are at particular moments. These moments can be even funnier than you can imagine. You may take pleasure of viewing such memes or sharing them with your friends and family members on social media.

In August 2017, Antonio Guillem’s picture of with three characters on the street acquired a viral popularity and turned into a meme. It shows a guy who cannot resist his temptations to watch a beautiful girl passing by. His girlfriend is indignant.

Memes for Your Girlfriend

A 2001 study by University of California (San Diego) discovered an interesting difference. Men joke better, but much more often they use sexual overtones and obscene vocabulary. Generally, men like slapsticks and non-verbal jokes. To impress a girlfriend, a young man can create something special and unusual. But very often, men use joking memes as a way to take revenge to someone who left them, that is, ex-girlfriends, for instance.

Joking memes about the beautiful half of humanity have recently gained an increasing popularity. And this is not surprising, because not only men, but sometimes the girls themselves cannot explain the unpredictability of their own behavior. One of the popular memes depicts two drunken girls. The inscription on the picture tells: “Girlfriend is a girlfriend! Call her at one o’clock in the morning and say that it’s bad. She answers in return: “Never mind, sleep!” But she will ring the bell 15 minutes later and say: “Open the door to me, only quietly – I’m with a bottle!”



Cute Memes for a Boyfriend

American psychologist Robert R. Provine singled out some gender preferences in humor. He noticed that women like humorous stories and text jokes more than men. Female humor is sometimes absurd and does not touch upon acute topics. Women often joke about themselves or about what happened in their life. For them, humor is something intimate. Most psychologists agree that feminine humor is milder. Women often joke out of their solidarity, although that kind of humor is a way to talk about them and express feelings. Deciding to create a meme for her boyfriend, a girl would prefer to take a picture of her and accompany it with sensitive words. Generally, young women use pets, flowers, and kind words to send memes to their boyfriends.



Girls are constantly cunning in dealing with boyfriends. They play down their age and weight, but most of all they are trying to create flair of attractiveness around them. Appearance is deceptive. Girls know this, and in addition, they know how to focus on positive points and divert attention from negative ones.


But… if something went wrong and a girl is furious, she is able to express her feelings very clearly.

To sum up, kind-hearted and friendly people with a good sense of humor attract other people to themselves, even if they have not perfect appearance. This is a scientifically proven fact. Over kind and cheerful girls, men flock like bees to honey. They laugh and feel comfortable with such girls, and ready to spend a whole life with them in the end.


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