5 Tips to Enhance Your Skin Complexion

Everyone wants to have skin that they can be proud of.  You want the type of skin that would look great even if it’s bare of make-up and the like.

While there are some who are blessed with dewy, glowing skin, most would need to take steps in order to achieve a bright complexion. If you are someone who wants to reduce the lines, age spots, etc. on your skin, just follow the tips on the list below to get great results.

Tips to Enhance Your Skin Complexion

Here are 5 tips to enhance your skin complexion:

Get enough sleep

Getting adequate sleep can never be stressed enough. When a person does not get enough sleep, it affects their overall health, both physical and mental. Getting less sleep will not only make them feel sluggish and therefore inefficient, but it can increase the chances of them getting sick. It will also give them more stress, which can also make your skin look dull. Make sure that you get to sleep at least eight hours every day to stay and look healthy.

Don’t forget to hydrate

Do you want supple, younger looking skin? Make sure that you are drinking enough water daily. When your skin is dehydrated, it will look dull and old. When you are hydrated, you will have that healthy glow that everyone will be envious of. Aside from water, you can also include green tea in your list of regular drinks as it is rich in antioxidants. Try the iced variety as hot green tea can actually elevate the redness of your skin.

Wash your face at least twice a day

Never go to sleep with your makeup still on, and make sure that you spend time getting rid of all the dust, oil and dirt that has stuck to your skin throughout the day. Leaving makeup on will clog your pores, and you will find yourself waking up the next day with your skin breaking out. Establish a skin care routine and stick to it. If you don’t have a lot of time, stick to the basic routine of wash, tone and moisturize. Simply washing your skin will strip the face of its natural oils, so you need to put on some moisturizer.

Regularly put on sunscreen

Never forget to put on sunscreen every day as prolonged exposure to the sun will not only cause spots but also wrinkles. Now, even if you indoors most of the time, it does not mean that you don’t put on sunscreen anymore. UV rays can still penetrate through windows, even on a cloudy day! So protect your skin by making sunscreen a regular part of your skin care.

Use lightening creams

Aside from the tips listed above, you can also invest in skin lightening creams to help even out the complexion of your skin and get rid of age spots or acne scars. There are so many products on the market right now though, so to make the choice easier for you, here are the top picks by birth order plus for the best skin lightening creams today.

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