5 Tips to Prevent Kitchen Pests

For a majority of us, the kitchen is the most sacred room of the house. We invest big sums of money to set up a great kitchen full of utensils, the best appliances, and high-end cabinets One of the things that many of us fail to think about until it’s too late is how to protect those investments. Certainly, one way to protect them is by keeping pests far away from our kitchen. Not only can they destroy your cabinets and floors, they carry disease.

Here are some good ways to keep your kitchen pest-free this year:

Clean up after cooking:

One of the most effective ways to prevent pests, is to always keep your kitchen clean. Simply putting dirty dishes in the sink will attract unwanted critters. You have to take away the waste from the plates and throw it in the garbage can or better yet, take it outside. Also, you have to store leftovers in sealed containers. Close all your condiments, as well because one of the worst pests are sugar ants and they would love to get into your open jar of jam!

Avoid the use of cardboard:

This material absorbs a lot of humidity and most pests love that type of environment. It is better to either buy canned food or store the items that come in cardboard boxes, in sealed plastic boxes. That will help you to keep your kitchen dry and free of bugs. Plastic is also washable and reusable, so you will be decreasing your garbage production.

Add a deep cleaning to your calendar:

Even when you think that your kitchen area is completely clean, there are always hidden things that can attract pests. Doing a conscious cleaning once or twice a month will definitely help prevent bugs in your kitchen. It is very important that you consider this cleaning when you plan the layout of your Kitchen. Ensuring you can move your appliances easily, will make the deep cleaning simple and effective. It will also allow you to give the proper maintenance to the appliances themselves.

Seal all possible pests access:

Any crack or hole in your walls, ceiling or floors can be a freeway for many insects to access your house. Take time to make a full inspection of every area of your house. Not only of the kitchen but of the whole house and look for holes that need to be sealed. You can use glue or caulk to make this job simple. You might also decide to use the help of a professional. Remember that this will not only help to prevent the insects from coming into your house, it also will help you to save on your electricity bill.

Have your house sprayed regularly:

Regardless of whether you live in the city or near the country, having an exterminator come to your house regularly will help to prevent pests. Make sure they spray all the surrounding areas of the house, so the pests keep their distance. However, you need to be very careful with this process because it can not only affect the bugs but also your pets.


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