Tips For Your First Cruise

Of course each cruise ship, with several cruise ships made, will be able to provide a series of tips and recommendations for those who will make their first cruise. Today we want to gather these recommendations by solving the questions most frequently asked by our readers who are thinking of making their first cruise and hopefully can help others who are considering it now.


Organize And Order Your First Cruise Ship

Organizing a cruise trip is more than just trying to do it. After we select and order the ship and the itinerary that we have chosen, we have to think of ways to reach the embarkation port and how to return home. That might mean ordering a flight or in the best case, if we drive it, where to leave our car. In addition, we must prepare trips on a different scale that the ship will do.

If we don’t have much experience in booking and arranging trips, going to a traditional travel agent is a recommended choice because we will get the attention of a professional who will personally notify us of the type of cruise and all the details of the trip.

Conversely, if we don’t have a problem setting it ourselves, the best choice is to plan, order, and organize all parts of the trip using the internet.

You can find a lot of information about ships from special websites and immediately ask other veteran explorers on the Facebook group. After you resolve your doubts, the next step is to book a trip. For this, you will have 2 options. The first is to do it on the cruise ship’s Web itself. The other is choosing an online travel agent to make a reservation.

There are many types of travel agents that you will find and they will offer many offers. Although most of them are truly reliable, it is convenient that the chosen ones have a good reputation.

Order As Soon As Possible Or Wait For The Last Hour?

Maybe the questions all cruise ship passengers asked us at some point. In this case there are theories of all types and according to the experience of each traveler. Both options are possible, although it is possible to find last minute deals, the best prices are booked through bookings as soon as a cruise ship is available. If we wait for a better price nearing the date of departure, it is almost certain that we cannot choose the cabin we want and that the flight to reach the embarkation port has risen in price.

Personally, except for rare exceptions, I prefer to make reservations in advance and secure the date and cabin. Also, because I believe that the time before the trip, is a period full of hope where I can enjoy the arrangements, find places I will visit and maybe meet other tourists who will come on the same trip.

Choose The Right Cabin

Whenever I am asked which is my favorite roaming cabin, I always say that they depend on the type of travel schedule. There will be some where cabins with balconies are my choice. In other interiors. If they force me to read it and based on my experience, it will undoubtedly be a balcony with a window or sea view that I have most often ordered since the time I ordered the balcony. I checked that I did not do many ways to justify a higher price. It will depend on every traveler. If you are a person with a problem with claustrophobia, a cabin with a window or balcony is a choice.

In addition to the type of cabin, this location is a factor that must be taken into account. In my experience as a cruise ship passenger, the more focused and lowered the deck, the less I pay attention to the movement of the ship or noise. On the shipping website, it is possible to have access to a ship deck plan where you can find your cabin. A good recommendation is to stay away from noise areas, such as elevators, discos, etc.

Prepare A Suitcase For Shipping

The baggage that we bring to a cruise ship will depend on 3 factors: the itinerary, the expected time and the style of the ship. The first suggestion is that “at least more”, recommend wearing clothes that can be combined and placed in layers. Some of the elements we cannot forget are: swimsuits, sportswear, formal clothing (if we want to participate in formal nights), small backpacks for travel, personal medicines if we are in care, raincoats and sunglasses. A waterproof watch like Omega Seamaster is an interesting complement.

It may be useful to check with shipping companies the limits of baggage and prohibited items on board, and consider the restrictions on our weight or luggage space, depending on the means of transportation we use to and from the port of departure. Don’t forget to identify luggage in a certain way.

On the day of boarding a flight it is advisable to carry a small suitcase or tote bag to bring everything that is important. Documentation, medicines, change … can be transported easily and you will check if your luggage arrives late in the cabin.


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