3 Tips for Using Cannabis for Sleep Problems

Cannabis for Sleep Problems

Quality sleep at night will result in a productive day. Rest is a very crucial physiological process considering its benefits ranging from re-energizing to consolidation in memory. However, sleep disorders are now a common phenomenon in people, and it will deprive you of the essential restful sleep. Cannabis for rest is now familiar as a remedy to insomnia, narcolepsy among other sleep disorders. With proper use, marijuana can guarantee you a restful sleep like a baby.

Cannabis for Sleep Problems

Key pointers to using Cannabis as a sleep aid include:

Choose the right strain

The activity of cannabis will vary with the primary active constituents. As such not all cannabis species will confer similar activity. CBD and THC are responsible for, and the proportion in each component will dictate the activity most dominant. Even though there exist few studies about Cannabis, the non-conclusive results have shown that CBD plays a critical role in manipulating the circadian rhythm. Cannabis indica is the strain that is responsible for producing a relaxing, soothing and drowsy effect which are essential for sleep.

You can find the CBD products extracted from Cannabis indica at reputable online stores. It is prudent that you select the correct strain since the different species have a different effect on the body as comprehensively outlined on AK Cannabis Club. The sativa species will give euphoria while the hybrids combine the two. With the right choice of strain to consume you will get a good night sleep and subsequently get a productive day at work.

Use the appropriate dose at the right time

Cannabis is highly lipophilic; thus it is readily absorbed across the bi-lipid membranes. It would help if you had a quality sleep to keep you active the following day and accomplish your daily objectives. An overdose will keep you in bed for an extended period; you will oversleep and fail in your intentions. Similarly, underdosing will deprive you of the desired restful sleep. Cannabis has a duration of action of about 8-12 hours in impacting melatonin levels.

Avoid strong doses since they will precipitate cerebral side effects. It is recommended that you get a small to moderate dose for sleep. You will get the treatment with time through trial and error. The timing of intake is also crucial in the proper use of cannabis for rest. It would be best if you took the dose 60-90 minutes before bedtime. As such, the medication will have sufficient time to subsidize the cerebral activity and give the sedating effects desired.

Appropriate administration

The route and technique used in the ingestion of cannabis for sleep are vital in determining the activity and efficacy of the medicament. There are different cannabis delivery options available. The best route of administration will depend on the intent. Some people prefer to smoke the flowers to other delivery technique because of the enormous euphoria achieved.

For sleep aid purposes, it is appropriate that you vape as well as get a tincture of the dose at night. The tincture can be used through drops in the tongue. The choice is yours; you can try the different methods and settle on that which suits you.


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