Tips for Improving Concentration in the Classroom

Getting kids to calm down and concentrate in the classroom can be a difficult task. Children can zone out when they are learning about a topic they do not like or they can be more interested in chatting to their friends.

But, there are some things you can do to improve concentration in the classroom. From starting the day with exercise to offering incentives for good performance, you can boost productivity in school with a few adjustments. Here are some tips for improving focus in the classroom.

Start with Some Exercise

One of the best ways to get your pupils ready for learning is to get them moving. This is especially true if they have been sitting down all day. Start class with a few fun exercises to get the blood flowing. This includes high knee lifts, star jumps and jogging on the spot. It can be a fun way to boost their energy and bring a smile to their faces. You can also play some fun music and this acts as a short break before learning.

Offer Fresh Water

In order to have good concentration in the classroom, children have to be hydrated. This does not mean consuming sugary sodas and other drinks. Instead, they should be drinking fresh water every day and giving the body what it needs to function at its best. This is something that can be provided in schools and allows children to consume the amount of water they need every day. Water coolers for schools are going to help improve focus in the classroom and allow children to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Play Games

Do not forget that some children are going to find topics boring that they are studying in class. Not everybody can enjoy the same things. So, you need to ensure that you do not lose them and that they are still paying attention. One way to do this is to play short games in between topics. Schedule a short game and tell your class about it. This means that they are going to concentrate and know that something fun is coming if they do.

Have Short Intervals

Every school arranges a morning break for pupils to enjoy, as well as an extended break at lunch time. But, sometimes this is not enough to ensure that children can concentrate during difficult lessons. One way you can boost focus and make sure that pupils do not zone out is by providing short intervals in the lesson plan. Simple five to 10-minute breaks to chat with the person next to them can be exactly what they need to concentrate fully for the next 20 minutes. Short intervals during class can be very helpful.

Offer Incentives

Let’s be honest, if there is something good on offer if your complete tasks, you are going to do it. The reward and incentive system works just as well in schools as it does in office environments. If children know that something good is going to be given to them, such as a snack, sticker or free time, they are going to concentrate and complete their work more efficiently. This can be a good way to keep children on track and ensure they are focusing during class. So, think about fun things that your pupil would want and offer it as an incentive during classes.

Setup Interactive Seating

Think about the way a traditional classroom is set up. It is not exactly exciting or an incentive to work. It can seem rigid and strict. Perhaps it is time to give your classroom a makeover. We are talking about setting up interactive seating where pupils can engage with each other during classes. This can be different from just having rows of desks and where they must face the teacher. Instead, it can allow pupils to help each other and feel more comfortable during class.  When they are happy and comfortable, they are more likely to be productive and want to learn.

Play Soft Instrumental Music

Think about what it is like working in a classroom. In order for everyone to concentrate, the teacher often thinks that silence is best. But, this can mean you zone out after a while. Why not try a different environment to see if that boosts productivity? For example, there are studies that suggest some children respond well to soft instrumental music. This can play in the background and create a calming environment for learning. Without any lyrics or powerful beats, it is not going to distract kids from learning.

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