Tips For Hiring The Best Kitchen Remodeling Company

When choosing a kitchen it is easy to get hung up on the ideal counter-top. Or we might debate back and forth over the perfect shade for the cabinets. However, the key to getting the best kitchen remodel is finding a reputable and experienced kitchen remodeling company you connect with. In this post, we will outline 5 top tips on hiring the best company for kitchen remodels.

1. Take a look around you

Have any of your friends got the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of? Has someone you know just renovated their kitchen? What sort of cabinets do they have? Do you like them? Does the color scheme work? What do you think about having an island? Does someone’s open-plan space appeal to you? Or, are you someone who doesn’t pay attention to these sorts of things? 

When you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, now is the time to take a look around you. Taking note of these things will help you get a better idea of what it is you want from your kitchen remodel. Once you’ve settled on a style you like, you’re ready for tip 2.

2. Ask for recommendations

Once you’ve found a kitchen you like the look of, it’s a great idea to find out who installed it. Recommendations by word-of-mouth are worth their weight in gold. However, don’t stop at just one recommendation. Ask around with anyone who has a kitchen you like the look of and you think has been fitted well. If the same company gets recommended a few times then you might well be on to a winner. 

This is an important stage to go through when planning a kitchen remodel. Just because you think something looks good, if the people that have the kitchen don’t think it has been installed well, then this could be a red flag. Did they like the contractor? Did they finish on time? Were there unexpected costs? The sense people got of the professionalism of the contractor is equally important as how the kitchen looks.

3. Get multiple consultations

Even if you have a recommendation, it is worth speaking to a few different contractors. Whilst they can take time, this helps give you a broader perspective. You can also get a sense of the contractor yourself. Do they have a reputation for good customer service? Do you feel like you trust them? Even if the reputation goes before them, it is also important to click with them in your own way. 

3 is probably the magic number when it comes to playing the field here. This gives you the chance to see different prices, different people, and get different input. Whilst it could be tempting to go for the best price, try to think if the pricing is realistic. If one offer is far less than the other 2, are they telling you the whole story? Moreover, if someone is charging way over the odds, you’ll be able to spot this too.

4. Verify licensing and insurance

This is an easy step to overlook. However, it is important to check the company holds a valid license for contract work. It is also a good idea to get a copy of their insurance and bonding as proof. You can check this is valid with a follow-up phone call to the local building department. This is important as you need to be sure any changes you make to your kitchen will meet local regulations or need a building permit.

They should also provide you with a contract. Whilst verbal contracts are recognized by law, written contracts are the only way to properly protect yourself if something does go wrong. Make sure it includes a time frame, expected cost, termination clauses, payment terms, local authorization, penalties for missed dates, procedures for any changes to the agreement, material costs, proof of insurance, etc. 

5. Pay at the end of the project

It is a good idea to pay at the end of the project. However, some contractors will ask you to pay things in installments over the course of a project or even upfront. Generally speaking, full upfront payments are not a good idea. However, installments can be a suitable way to pay. Nevertheless, it is preferable to pay at the end and have payment options clearly laid out in the contract. 

Good contractors will have relationships with suppliers that allow them to buy materials on credit. As such, if they do wish for you to pay in installments, you should insist on these being tied to milestones. This means you can respect their need for payment if the project is a long one whilst protecting yourself at the same time. So long as a significant chunk of payment is held until completion is agreed, then you will be protected.


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