Tips for Finding an Apartment in San Francisco

Finding an apartment in San Francisco is a challenge. Housing is on average 3 times more expensive than in Nevada or Florida. For the same amount, you will get less area and worse area. This city has created excellent conditions for IT specialists and doing business, so representatives of these areas should still consider moving. And we will tell you about better way to find a condo in San Francisco. For example, check out the apartment offerings at 8899 Beverly Blvd. In addition to comfortable rooms with luxury furniture, you will receive a swimming pool and fitness center in the building.

How to find an apartment in San Francisco?

Finding a flat in SF includes a mandatory detailed study of each area. Without preliminary preparation, you should not even go to see the options. Also pay special attention to the transport interchange. If you don’t have a car and are not planning to buy one, take a look at the Apex at Lawrence station condominium.

  • The safety of the area is also important. Therefore, first, we open the Crime map and compare. The Tenderloin area is located in the city center and is completely uninhabitable.
  • The Civic center is also bad, you can walk there, but there is little pleasant. Usually the homeless are fed there on weekends, and the smells are appropriate.
  • South of Market. Too industrial, not safe. A lot of startup offices are based there. Abandoned warehouse buildings are home to hipster bars and cafes. You can find whole tent cities of the marginalized. There is a baseball stadium in the area and when the home team plays, it turns into madness from drunken fans.
  • Mission. The second most dangerous, after Tenderloin. Many Mexicans, gangs, frequent murders.
  • Chinatown. It’s very noisy and dirty there.
  • Height and Asbury. Hippy area. The 70s are still alive there. Lots of quirky shops and second-hand shops.
Best Areas for an apartment in San Francisco

Among these areas, there are both more expensive and budgetary ones:

  • Sunset is practically zero crime and a complete absence of homeless people. Ideal for families and young couples who value peace. The ocean is close at hand. The only negative is high humidity. Small cute two-story houses can be rented and bought at relatively cheap prices. Not far away is the largest park in the city, Golden Gate.
  • Finansial district – high prices and glorious views of the bay. I am pleased with the walking spacing to the metro, to the embankments and piers. There are some homeless people, but not many.
  • Ricmond district is a Russian district not far from the center and from the ocean. Security is good here. There are minor difficulties with public transport. The houses are mostly 3-4 storey. Prices are not too high either. The main advantage is walking distance to the Golden Gate Park.
  • Twin Peaks. Do you have a car? If not, then we pass on. It is clean and comfortable here, a lot of delicious food. There are many Russian speaking people.
  • The Japantown area. – very nice. There is a whole Fillmore street dedicated to jazz. There are food festivals all the time.
  • Cathedral hill located near Japantown is also quite habitable. Only there are large slopes and very windy.
  • Lake Merced is very good. You can get to the center by metro in 20 minutes. It’s safe and calm here. Raccoons walk along the paths in the evening. Nearby there is a huge lake, a lot of greenery, a city college. Due to the large number of students, the area has increased security. Minus – very often cloudy and foggy.
  • Marina. If you have an extra couple of tens of thousands of dollars or a yacht, this is the place for you. Otherwise, no.
  • Noe Valley is renowned for its chic architecture. Complete absence of homeless people. Nice view of the city. Another expensive spot on the list of good neighborhoods. There are many bars and cafes.

These were the main areas to consider when looking for an apartment in San Francisco

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