Tips and Tricks on How to Check an Online Casino License


A valid license from a reputable authority is something any trustworthy online casino should have. It proves that the Internet game club operates in the market legally and adheres to the laws of the jurisdiction it’s registered at.

The problem with checking the website license is one of the most common issues when choosing an online casino. Some websites try to fake a license or just leave the question of its presence ambiguous. We recommend you choose casino sites at to be 100% sure you’ll play in a legal and safe game club. They meticulously check all websites and blacklist unreliable options.

If you want to do a small research on your own, here are the most useful tips and tricks that will allow you to pick a casino with a valid gambling license.

1.Know the Top Licensing Authorities

Licensing authorities are organizations that have a legal right to issue gambling licenses to casino operators. Such entities feature a special compliance procedure a company should undergo before it’s approved for a license.

Licensing authorities may be created by local and state governments in countries and regions where online casinos are legal. The biggest international entities that provide licenses for most Internet game clubs in the global market are:

  1. Curacao e-Gaming.
  2. United Kingdom Gambling Commission.
  3. Malta Gaming Authority.
  4. Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.
  5. Alderney Gambling Commission.
  6. Kahnawake Gambling Commission.

There are also at least two dozen local authorities in different countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

The first thing to find out when checking the website’s license is what type of authority it was issued by. You shouldn’t trust unknown organizations. A licensing entity must be created on behalf of the legal government and reflect its attitude towards online gambling in the country or state.

2.Search for an Active Logo

The fastest way to figure out if an online casino has a valid license is to check for a logotype of a licensing entity on the main page of the gambling site. It’s usually placed on the very bottom.

The logo should be active and redirect you to the page with license information when you click on it. Some websites try to fake it, so make sure the website you’ll see on the screen is related to the licensing authority.

The page should include the following information:

  1. License status.
  2. Issuing date.
  3. Expiration date.
  4. License number.
  5. Licensee organization.

3.Review Terms & Conditions

Licensed casino sites sometimes don’t have an authority logo on the main page. You should then search for licensing information in the Terms & Conditions. It must provide the key data, including the authority type, license number, company owner, validity, and issuing date.

The information you need is almost always in the General part of the Terms & Conditions, which is  usually just at the beginning of the document. It may also be at the very end of the page in rare cases.

4.Visit the Authority’s Official Website

You should know that licenses are granted to casino operators – not gambling sites. That’s why you may not find the licensing information in certain Internet game clubs. They just mention their owner, which is usually a company with many online casinos in its possession.

Follow these steps to check the license in such a case:

  1. Find out, which casino operator owns the website.
  2. Go to the company’s website to search for the licensing information.
  3. Try to find data from web sources if the company doesn’t have an official site.
  4. Go to the website of the licensing authority.
  5. Check the list of licensed operators.
  6. Find the game club owner on the list.

If the selection of licensed companies doesn’t include the gambling operator you’re checking, then it’s probably operating without a valid license. You shouldn’t trust such companies.

Some authorities allow you to make inquiries about licensed operators through a special form on the official website or just by writing an email request.

5.Why It’s Crucial to Play Only in Licensed Casinos?

A casino license is like a digital certificate that proves the gambling site is safe for players. It confirms that the game club complies with the rules set by the appropriate authority. Hence, the casino will be sanctioned by the licensing entity if it violates any regulations.

The gambling license is your protection from scam websites. It allows you to make a complaint to the licensing authority if you think the game club was unfair to you. The issue will be then resolved as a part of a legal dispute.

6.Conclusion on Casino Licenses

A valid license is like a quality certificate for an online casino. It proves the game club’s reliability and safety for players. There are several ways to check the casino’s license. You can click on the authorities logo on the main page, find the information in Terms & Conditions, or visit the licensing entity’s website to figure out whether the gambling operator you’re inquiring about owns a license.


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