TikTok, Equipment, and a Big Personality: Marketing Stories You Can Create to Improve Your Beauty Salon’s Image

TikTok has reached billions of downloads, making it today’s fastest-growing social media platform worldwide. If you are targeting the younger demographic, TikTok is a viable channel to establish the image of your business. TikTok, just like Instagram, is a very visual social media platform. It allows you to post videos ranging for a few seconds, up to 3 minutes , making it an easy place to reach potential customers. Below are some of the marketing stories and ideas you can create to improve your beauty salon’s image:

Share “In Action” videos

I believe we undervalue how much our customers desire the “inside scoop” about our company. Most people find what you do as a beauty expert quite interesting. So, why not use marketing stories that educate others about what you do and how the treatments you provide are done?

You may make an instructive clip to illustrate what you’re doing, or you can show video clips of the steps involved in your process. Just take note to edit your videos to fit the maximum 3 minutes time limit on TikTok.

Present your space

I love the concept of utilizing your social media to highlight your lovely salon facility, whether it’s a home studio, a little suite, or even a rented booth. We all like to get a sense of a company’s “vibe,” and your physical location does an excellent job of conveying that.

You may also show off your latest equipment, such as the Alexandrite & Nd:YAG laser hair removal workstation, so your target audience will know that you’re using up-to-date technologies. This way, you can attract more customers and open new opportunities for your business. This workstation is powered by the latest technology in the laser hair removal industry. Having it in your business makes your beauty salon reliable and efficient.

Show your favorite products- Marketing Stories

When showing products, speak in an informative manner, which will demonstrate your professional expertise. When clients view your marketing story, it will help you sell more of the products you review. They might also ask more questions about the item and make a purchase 

Let people know about your business’ humble beginnings

The “How it started, how it’s going” trend has been circulating in TikTok for quite some time now. It’s an excellent way to show your audience your beauty salon’s humble beginnings in a short video format. This marketing story is also a fast way to inform your viewers about your business and the services you provide.

If you post videos on TikTok that follow these tips, you will get more engagement. More people will also reach out to your profile and become familiar with your brand. You might also go  viral!

Final words

Finally, your goal is to make your viewer feel something that will trigger them to take action. Create content to advertise your beauty salon and establish a good image while resonating with people. This way, your business will make a strong online presence that sticks.

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