Tiger Woods Net Worth, Career Graph, Achievements, and More

Do you know who the living superstar of golf is? It’s none other than the Tiger Woods. Here we will discuss everything about the legend, including Tiger Woods net worth, bio, life, and much more.

Who is Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is known as one of the amazing personalities of golf. You can’t ignore him and the achievements he gave to the nation when it comes to you.

He won many championships and events and made records in golf history. In so many events, he represents himself and motivates the young generation of golfers to shine out.

If we check his entire professional life, he won 79 PGA tournaments. Apart from that, he has 14 pro major championship awards with 18 world golf championships.

Whenever the Tiger Woods name comes to your mind, you will remind the world’s most reputed sportsperson. He had earned a huge amount of wealth in his entire professional life and still earning in dollars.

Till now, his professional life felt like a roller coaster where he went through so many ups and downs that affected the Tiger Woods net worth.

This handsome hunk was born on 30 December 1975. Currently, the Tiger Woods age is 46 only. No matter what his age is, the charm and positivity he holds in his personality will never be going to be fade.

Even the personal life of the Woods is filled with scandals and affairs. Do you want to check such exciting facts about Woods, the greatest golf player?

Well, let’s come to the next section, where we will talk about the net worth of Tiger Woods and the fascinating stories about his life.

tiger woods net worth

The early of the Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is a golf superstar, and he achieved milestones by earning lots of respect, money, name, and fame.

He started his life in California, where he lived with his parents and siblings. He was quite passionate about golf in the early stage of his life.

His father’s name was Earl Woods, who have played the biggest role in making a name in his career.

Even he was the biggest golfer on those days. He taught junior Woods about playing golf initially and made the right strike on the ground to increase Tiger Woods net worth.

When Woods was in his school, he got a golf scholarship and made his parents proud. From that day, his father believed that he would rule the world in the field of golf.

Tiger’s mother belonged to Thailand. His name Tiger specially came in honor of his father’s friend. Before he was two, he had shown interest in Golf. Further, he became the first African-American college baseball player when he was in college.

Woods College Career in a brief

Do you know Woods has made record events he was five years old?

At five, he appeared in ABC’s “Golf Digest.” Isn’t this incredible!

At this time, “The Mike Douglas Show,” revealed his success on television.

Do you want to know another surprising thing about him?

On Underage 10 drive, he won the match when he was only 8 years old.

He made the Junior World Golf Championships at 10 years of age. You can easily see how continuously he won the Junior Championships six times if you see the record.

Wood defeated his father he was only 11 years old, and after that, the series continuously went on.

At the age of 15, he made of record of being the youngest U.S. Junior Amateur champion. He was the gold winner in 1991 for the top Junior Amateur Player.

But then the magic happened when he became the winner consecutively in 1992. He is known in this world of golf because he knows how to defend his title. That is why Tiger Woods net worth is growing.

He successfully defends his title in consecutive years. He was the youngest winner of The US.

After that, he became a member of the winning American team. In his college days, he was recruited for more years.

In 1994 he enrolled in many championships and defended the trophies consecutively for 1995.

Woods participated in his first PGA tour when he was 19. In 1996, when he was 20 years old, he made the world record by winning the first and foremost golfer to win three successive US Amateur titles.

tiger woods net worth

Professional Career of the Woods

In 1996, when woods turned 20 years, he got many advertising deals with the biggest companies.

Woods has signed the contracts of the biggest companies, Titleist and Nike. This was the biggest lucrative endorsement contract in golf history of that time.

He was the most popular player who made many records back to back that stunned the people. In 1997, he won his first major championship, which he won with 12 strokes.

Tiger’s performance in that match was super amazing, and golf lovers started worshiping him. After all his hardworking he won what he deserved and became the youngest winner at age 21.

Apart from that, he made a record of the fastest ascent. He ended the season in 1999 by winning 8 matches and PGA Championship that increased Tiger Woods net worth.

Tiger set his name as the most dominant player in the golf industry. He made almost 13 golf championships on his name.

Accidents and Injuries

After that, he took a short break and again came back with a bang. He took a break because of the injuries and personal problems.

He was ranked in 58 number in the world rankings list in 2011. But soon showed his magic and ranked himself to the No.1 position again in 2014.

Well, in between this period, he met with so many injuries. Because of his hard work is and tough training, he went through four back surgeries. From August 2015 and January 2018, he again dropped off from the list of the top 1,000 golfers of this world.

Getting back on track

After this, he made improvements in him after recovering from the injuries. Woods made steady progress that allowed him to win the Tour Championship in September 2018.

He made selective golf records after this period, and here his time begins again when he made back-to-back records of being the best golfer in the world for the longest time, which is the biggest award itself.

Tiger has been awarded the biggest record the PGA Player of the Year 11 times. He also made the Byron Nelson Award to the list of his award sections.

He also became the golf player who earned the highest money that grew up Tiger Woods net worth in the same year.

Youngest achiever of the Grand Slam

Do you know what the youngest achievers of the Grand Slam award are? He won the 15 professional major golf championships and participated in 82 PGA Tour events.

Tiger is one of the most active golfers globally, whose career is a motivation for thousands of people. The way he handles all his ups and downs in professional life is the biggest result of Tiger Woods net worth 2021.

He made the two biggest records in his career, which any player still has not broken. Do you want to know what they are?

So, Tiger is the youngest player in this world of golf who achieved Grand Slam’s career in his earlier stage. He is also the second golfer of this industry who achieved three times career Grand Slam.

So, overall he won 18 times World Golf Championships, the winner of the Ryder Cup. Because of his great achievements, he won the Presidential Medal of Freedom. After achieving this, he was named the fourth golfer to receive this.

tiger woods net worth

Personal Life of Tiger

The personal life of Tiger is very romantic. He met with so many girls in his entire career. He had a relationship with Elin Nordegren, a former Swedish model. She is the daughter of the former migration minister. During the open championship of 2001, their love was in the air, and they got engaged.

In November 2003, they got married in 2004 October. After a few years, that golden day came when the couple gave birth to a cute girl child in 2007.

A few years later, in 2009, they gave birth to a baby boy named Charlie Axel Woods. But soon after, they both went through some marital issues.

Woods became in the limelight because of the rumored affairs, and soon they divorced in 2010 August.

In 2013, Woods announced that he dated Skier Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic gold medal winner. But soon, their breakup became news!

After that, from 2016 to 2017, he got into a relationship with Kristin Smith, who is known as the greatest stylist.

No one is sure whether it was a rumor or not, but soon, he got into a relationship with Erica Herman. She is a restaurant manager, and they soon got engaged news.

All the followers were stunned when the news came that Woods was arrested in 2017. Yes, that moment came when the Jupiter Police Department in Florida arrested him.

He was arrested for the crime of alcohol or drugs overdose. Tiger Woods was asleep in his car, and his car was parked at the traffic lane with the running engine. But later, it was found that he had taken prescription drugs, and he was unconscious about how they might interact together. However, later he was found guilty.

He received a year of probation and was fined $250 with regular drug tests as the punishment.

As per the court, he wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol during this period. If he had done anything wrong, Tiger would have been sentenced to 90 days in jail along with the $500 fine.

Tiger Woods net worth

Do you want to know about the earnings he made throughout his entire career? So, as you know earlier, he was America’s professional golfer. He also signed many contracts and made a total net worth of $800 million. So, as per the latest reports, it is found that every year Tiger earns $50-60 million. Isn’t the biggest amount that is!

From June 2019 to 2020, Tiger earned $63 million. If you talk about his current net worth, this is $1.5 billion with inflation; the amount will become $1.8 billion.

So, after considering all these things, you can clearly say that he is one of the highest-earning celebrities. The best thing about him is the consecutiveness weeks than any other player.

Overall, he won the PGA Player 11 times and many more championships, earning a huge amount of money. He will be inducted into 2021 as the World Golf Hall of Fame.

He earned these high amounts by winning the tournaments endorsing products. So many established companies want to sign him or feature him in their projects.

Tiger has a high amount of followers and earned $118 million. Do you want to know which brands he endorsed?

So, Tiger has been endorsed with the Gatorade, Nike, Asahi, General Mills, American Express, Golf Digest, Gillette, Rolex, AT&T, EA Sports, Accenture, Tag Heuer, Upper Deck, NetJets, and many more! Do you know that almost 92.4% of his earnings come by endorsing big brands?

Tiger endorsed their products with Roger Federer and earned $20 million yearly. He also has many assets, including his bungalows, apartments, and vehicles.

To gain these things, he worked a lot, and it took so many years to achieve this name and fame. He started signing and endorsing the product initially and made the biggest amount by the 21 years. When woods was only 21 years old, he signed a $40 million deal with 5 years of bond.

Final thoughts

Tiger Woods’s all earnings of 2019 are approx. $1.6 billion. He is the best golf player who made a lot of names and fame. He struggled a lot and went through injuries, but every time, he came back.

So, he started his career by earning $10,000 in 1995, but now he earns millions. To achieve this, all that matters is that helping to increase the net worth of Tiger Woods is his passion and love of golf.

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